Case for Scholarships

The College is endeavoring to raise funds to enhance its scholarship program and expand the scholarship base.

For 50 years, York College-CUNY has provided New York City with an educated workforce. From humble beginnings in rented quarters around Queens to its present 50-acre campus which anchors the Jamaica business community, York College serves more than 8,500 students each year. Placing great emphasis on diversity-currently 44% of our students are African American; 27% Asian; 22% Latino; and 7% Caucasian, York College is reflective of the culturally rich Jamaica Queens. Serving this population has challenges – affordability.

Today, more York College students are requiring assistance from the College to bridge their unmet financial needs. Specifically, students are looking to the College for more scholarship support. If York College is to remain competitive with other colleges and universities in recruiting and retaining highly qualified students, it must offer substantial scholarship support as part of its financial package. York College’s ability to meet the demand for scholarships depends on the strength of its scholarship base. While the current pool for student scholarships totals $250,000, an annual pool of $2 million is needed to meet the demand. A pool of this size will allow the College to offer scholarships to an additional 600 students per year.

For the 2018-2019 academic year, tuition and fees totaled $6,530 for in-state students and $17,400 per year for out-of-state students. By any objective measure, these costs are considerably less than comparable private institutions. In fact, York College is considered one of the country’s best buys. Yet, approximately 86% of the undergraduate student body received financial aid. The implications of this are significant and at the very core of the College’s need. Because of the limited availability of scholarships, many students are unable to complete their education in a timely manner, thus delaying graduation by two years or more. If York College is to reverse this trend in the kinds of financial aid packages it offers, it must significantly enhance its capability to provide scholarships.

Traditionally, York College’s mission has compelled it to provide the opportunity for a quality education to capable young men and women regardless of their economic background. The College remains committed to this ideal and aspires to offer its students a unique educational experience free from financial hardships or serious indebtedness. To accomplish this goal, the College is endeavoring to raise funds to enhance its scholarship program and expand the scholarship base. Increased resources will allow for additional scholarships, guaranteeing York’s ability to offer financial assistance to students worthy of receiving a top notch education.

Every year, thousands of young men and women come to York with hopes and aspirations of fulfilling their dreams and developing to their fullest potential. Scholarships fuel those hopes and dreams. By providing York with vital resources it will continue its legacy of providing New York City with an educated workforce. 


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