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HEO Screening Committee

HEO Screening Committee Process and Schedule

As per the Code of Practice for Higher Education Officer (‘HEO’) series titles, the York College HEO Screening Committee is charged to review and recommend to the President appointments, salary step increases, reclassifications, reorganizations, and such other personnel actions as may be appropriate.

A request for reclassification may be initiated by an employee or the appropriate supervisory personnel by submitting the appropriate form and other relevant documents to the Chair of the HEO Screening Committee. As needed, Human Resources will undertake a preliminary review of all submissions in order to facilitate the review by the HEO Screening Committee.

The committee will meet jointly with the York College Vacancy Control Committee (‘VCC’) to ensure that personnel decisions recommended by that body are evaluated for fiscal impact. Specifically, the committee will convene on a quarterly basis to consider reclassification requests, in October and February of each academic year, and on an as needed basis to consider hires and other appointments. For the foreseeable future, merit increases will not be considered, and, all requests for reclassification involving an increase in pay that are recommended by York College leadership, must then be approved by the university Vacancy Review Board before they can be actualized.

HEO Screening Committee members:

Sabrina Johnson Chandler, Executive Director, Office of Human Resources (Chairperson)

Charles Bozian, Interim V.P., Finance & Administration

Derrick Brazill, Interim Sr. V.P. of Academic Affairs/Provost

Karen Williams, Interim V.P., Enrollment Management & Student Affairs

Dana Trimboli, Chief of Staff/Interim V. P., Institutional Advancement & Communications

Russell Platzek, Executive Director, Office of Legal Affairs & Labor Relations

Alicia Franqui, Chief Diversity Officer


The scheduled meeting for the current academic semester is listed below. Please feel free to contact Human Resources at humanresources@york.cuny.edu if you have any additional questions.

Date for Submission to Human Resources HEO Screening Committee Meeting Date Time Location
Monday, February 22, 2021 Monday, March 8, 2021 3pm – 5 pm ZOOM