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!!Forms For Internal Use Only!!

Herein are forms utilized by health center's staff members.

2015-16 Pay Period Dates for Hourly Employees

This form show the pay period dates for hourly employees in the current year.

2015-2016 Biweekly Work Study Students Payroll Schedule

This form shows the payroll schedule for work study students in the current year.

Employee Notice of Injury Form

The Employee Notice of Injury form is used to notify your employer of injury on the job. This is not a claim form. A claim form may be secured at any office of the State Workers’ Compensation Board.

Immunization Extension

This Immunization Extension form gives students permission to attend classes and a pre-determined extension in time to have their immunization completed.

Print Shop Instructions

This form shows the protocol for submitting print requests to the print shop,.

Procedure for Media Requests

This form is used to communicate all media requests to the Marketing and Communications Department to ensure consistency of message.