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York College Student Health Services Center

COVID-19 Testing

Below we provide information on the 2 types of COVID-19 test and what you should do if you are sick.

There are two types of tests for COVID-19

  1. Viral tests tell you if you have a current infection
  2. Antibody tests tell you if you've been previously infected.

Not everyone needs to be tested for coronavirus, according to the CDC. Call your doctor for advice if you think you’ve been exposed to COVID-19 and develop symptoms. The testing process and timeline for results vary by location. 

For further information visit CDC webpage.

What to do if you are sick

  1. If you have a fever, cough or other symptoms, you might have COVID-19.
  2. Most people have mild illness and are able to recover at home. If you think you may have been exposed to COVID-19, contact your healthcare provider.
  3. Keep track of your symptoms.
  4. If you have an emergency warning sign (including trouble breathing), get emergency medical care immediately.

For further information visit CDC webpage.