Required Documentation

All required documentation must be completed and submitted to the Financial Aid Office to be considered for the SEEK Program.

The financial aid office does not make copies. please make sure you submit copies of all documentation.

Items Required for SEEK Economic Eligibility Verification

Required Financial Aid SEEK Documents

  1. SIGNED COPY of parents' 2016 Federal and State Income Tax Transcript
  2. SIGNED COPY of your 2016 Federal and State Income Tax Transcript
  3. Public Assistant Form / Social Security Form (2016)
  4. Proof of child support and/or Alimony payments for 2016
  5. Letter regarding non-taxable income for 2016
  6. One piece of government ID (Passport, State ID, Social Security Card, etc.)
  7. Complete the ISIR Correction Worksheet
  8. If applicable, Independent Status documentation

A couple of things to keep in mind

  1. You will only receive Financial Aid after your application has been completed and verified (if
  2. Money is disbursed according to our payroll calendar. If you miss the date you'll have to wait until the next pay period for that program. You can find our payroll calendar.
  3. You'll earn financial aid as you attend your classes, hence withdrawing, skipping, dropping, not attending or failing courses will adversely affect your eligibility.
  4. Financial Aid money will be applied to your account in the order in which it is receive. First it is applied to cover your balance and any remaining will be mailed to you or deposited into your bank account if you sign up for direct deposit.
  5. TAP (Tuition Assistant Program) is regulated and verified by New York State, hence problems regarding TAP are better resolved by using their website:

IRS Tax Transcript Request

An IRS Tax Return Transcript or "Verification of Non-filing" can be ordered in 1 of 3 ways:

  1. Log on to Click "Order a Tax Return or Account Transcript" on the homepage, under "Tools" and follow the steps to order your tax transcript.
  2. Call IRS at 1-800-908-9946
  3. Log on to Click on 4506-T under "Forms and Pubs" to download a request form. Mail to the address applicable to your state on the second page.