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Planning Committee (2005-2006)

Technology Fee Planning Committee (2005-2006)

Dr. Edward Weil (Chair), Provost and Vice-President for Academic Affairs
Vice President Jerald Posman, Chief Operating Officer
Professor Che-Tsao Huang, Director of Academic Computing and Educational Technology
Professor William Ashton, Political Science and Psychology
Ms. Sharon Davidson, Registrar
Professor Carolyn Kirkpatrick, Chair of the Department of English
Professor Robert Machalow, Chief Librarian
Professor Elizabeth Meddeb, Foreign Languages
Professor Chau Song Ou, Accounting, Business, and Economics
Professor Timothy Paglione, Natural Sciences - Astronomy
Professor Frances Peterson, Social Sciences
Professor Howard Ruttenberg, Chair of the Department of History and Philosophy
Professor Phillips Simkin, Fine Arts
Mr. Sham Srivastava, Director of Administrative Computer Services
Professor Tsu-Chih Wu, Mathematics and Computer Studies

Alicia Allan, Student Senator
Jeffrery Ampratwum, Student Senator
Andrea Beharry, Student Senator
Nigel Gombakoma, Student Senator
Amrik Singh, Student Senator
Camilo Vilareal, Student Senator