2019-2020 Counseling Center Mid-Year Assessment Check

Assessment Year: 2019-2020
Division: Student Development
Unit: Counseling Center
Unit Director: jchoi
Completed by: jchoi
Other Contributors:
Date Completed:2020/01/23 15:15:00 US/Eastern

Please indicate your progress on the following for academic year Answer Comments
Unit has collected assessment data for the fall semester Yes The post-training surveys have been collected for the probation workshops. 
Unit is in the process of analyzing data from the fall semester Not yet, but we know what needs to be done  The data analysis is planned in the coming weeks. 
Unit has completed the fall assessment activities Yes  Reviewing the probation status of students will require more time at this point. 
Unit is continuing to implement the annual assessment plan Yes  The annual assessment plan will be carried out through the spring semester. 
Please indicate your department and unit staff’s engagement Answer Comments
Department staff are informed of the unit’s current year’s assessment activities Yes  Yes, the staff are informed of the assessment activities and collecting the data. 
Unit staff (full-time and/or part-time) are engaged in the current year’s assessment activities Yes  Yes. The assessment activities involve all staff.