2019-2020 Enrollment Management Assessment Plan

Assessment Year: 2019-2020
Division: Administrative Affairs
Unit: Enrollment Management
Unit Director: lyates
Completed by: lyates
Other Contributors:
Date Completed: 2019/09/30 14:55:00 GMT-4

Unit Mission

The Office of Enrollment Management (EM) coordinates the recruitment and retention of passionate and engaged learners. EM supports prospective students in the areas of admissions, financial aid, and testing, from pre-enrollment through graduation.

Assessment Plan

Unit Goal(s) Unit Outcome(s) Unit Goal Alignment with Divisional Goal Unit Goal Alignment with York’s Annual PMP Goal Alignment with York’s Strategic Goals Alignment with Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs) Measure Measure Type Target
To improve student satisfaction with services. EM-- Admissions, Financial Aid, and Testing sub-units will improve timeliness in service delivery. Ensure access to educational opportunities for all students and meet their individual needs. Increase the one-semester retention rate. TBA N/A

YConnect reports.


A base-line data point from the fall 2018 semester will be utilized to establish a benchmark for the upcoming assessment cycle.

To provide the strategic direction for enrollment management. The College will exceed University overall enrollment projections Ensure access to educational opportunities for all students and meet their individual needs. N/A TBA N/A

Enrollment Data


Enrollment will increase by 1.5%.

Rationale for the Plan

During a prior review of the Noel Levitiz student satisfaction survey. The Admission's office received a score of 3 (out of 5) on a question referring "if they were served in a timely manner?" The Y-connect/sign-in system was created and has been deployed in multiple student facing offices on campus. EM would like for the three departments (Admissions, Financial Aid, and Testing) in the division to utilize the system to improve the student experience when visiting the offices.

The overall Full Time Enrollment (FTE) goal was exceeded by approximately 227 over the goal, but there were multiple "buckets" (transfers and Continuing students) that under-performed during the cycle. The increase in credits and hours were predicated by an increase in Graduate students and an overall increase in the number of credits and hours taken by the student body. It is important to understand the decrease in overall enrollment (discounting YECA and College Now students) for the upcoming enrollment cycle. The information about the enrollment cycle was shared with the Executive EM committee and Director's EM committee, and there will be more focus on each "bucket" during the fall 2020 enrollment cycle.

Data Collection and Evaluation

A baseline data point will be used for the Admissions and Financial Aid offices. The data collection for both Admissions and Financial Aid offices will take place during the fall 2019 and spring 2020 semesters. There will be one person in each office responsible for sending out the survey responses and creating data reports for the Directors of each office and the Executive Director of EM. The Testing office is in the process of securing the y-connect system and may not be ready for the 2019-2020 assessment period.

The University creates enrollment projections each fall based off of a five-year rolling average. York College's fall 2020 enrollment projections will be updated and submitted to the University during the spring 2020 semester. The application and enrollment data will be collected throughout the fall 2020 Admissions/enrollment cycle from CUNY central and shared with the local campuses. The Executive EM Director for EM will be involved in the overall assessing the process of the enrollment cycle during weekly and quarterly meetings and electronic communications.