The York Early College Academy program endeavors to continue to develop a robust set of assessment practices to strengthen and inform the work that we do to provide students with a quality learning experience.

During the 2018-2019 academic year, students did not meet the target of 80% of passing all college courses with a B grade or better. In response to this shortfall, the YECA Manager has reviewed and enhanced interventions to promote stronger academic performance during the current academic year. The program utilizes periodic feedback from instructional staff during the semester as an additional effort to monitor student performance and to inform our use of interventions. In the last academic year, and in years past, we asked instructional staff to respond to two surveys. This year we are encouraging instructional staff to meet with the YECA Manager more frequently in addition to utilizing course rubrics in an effort to gather a direct assessment of student work.

Building upon our goal to provide a program of academically challenging and developmentally appropriate courses to fulfill students’ dual enrollment requirements, YECA staff will educate twelfth-grade students on ways to effectively negotiate college policies and procedures. This will take place in the form of a weekly Senior Seminar. This seminar is designed for Early College students to prepare them for the transition from high school into college life. This learning experience will create opportunities for students to acquire the core abilities to be autonomous learners and to facilitate their successful transition from high school into post-secondary institutions.

The new CUNY proficiency index policy will affect our 10th grade and subsequent cohorts. In the past, York Early College Academy students have been able to demonstrate proficiency in English and math through their performance on the respective CUNY placement examinations. Now that these tools are no longer available, YECA students will have to demonstrate proficiency through New York State Regents scores, SAT scores, and their high school grade point average. This policy change that will be implemented in the spring 2020 semester requires that we focus our attention on assuring that the high school’s reporting of test scores is aligned with the York College sequence of course offerings.

Lastly, AY19-20 was the term we endeavored to develop the YECA Professional Certification Academy in conjunction with the York College Continuing and Professional Education Center. Unfortunately, due to the Center’s hiatus we will have to forego this initiative at this time.