2019-2020 Percy E. Sutton SEEK Program Assessment Plan

Assessment Year: 2019-2020
Division: Academic Affairs
Unit: Percy E. Sutton SEEK Program
Unit Director: sbelle
Completed by: sbelle
Other Contributors:
Date Completed: 2020/01/17 13:10:00 US/Eastern

Unit Mission

The shared mission of the SEEK and College Discovery Programs is to assist in providing equality of higher education to students who otherwise would not have such access. The effort is intended to increase the level of education, social capital, and workforce expertise in our City and State.

Assessment Plan

Unit Goal(s) Unit Outcome(s) Unit Goal Alignment with Divisional Goal Unit Goal Alignment with York’s Annual PMP Goal Alignment with York’s Strategic Goals Alignment with Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs) Measure Measure Type Target
Provide First Year Experience programming to help students successfully make the transition from high school to college and ultimately reach graduation. Increase the number of students who complete their freshmen composition course (ENG 125) with a grade of C or higher. Support student progress towards graduation, post-baccalaureate education, and employment goals through advisement, coordinated support services, and effective communication systems. Increase the percentage of full-time, first-time students in baccalaureate programs who pass Gateway English in the first year. TBA Intellectual Discovery and Creativity - Demonstrate excellence in academic inquiry, creativity, research, collaboration and professional growth.

CUNYFirst report


82% pass rate of Freshman Composition (ENG 125)

Promote excellence in academic achievement Students who utilize tutoring services will earn a grade of C or better in coursework Enrich the learning environment by utilizing a broad range of pedagogical approaches, information resources, and technologies. N/A TBA Integrity - Demonstrate integrity as a central value in all aspects of their engagement including learning, research and service.

Student record Tutoring logs End of semester grades


42% of students who utilize the tutoring services will earn a grade of C or better.

Rationale for the Plan

The outcomes listed above will allow students to reduce the duration of time in college and complete their degree with a higher grade point average.

Data Collection and Evaluation

The data will be collected by the SEEK Program Director and Program Manager. The data will be collected during midterms and finals.