One of the findings from the previous assessments was that students at higher level classes do not maintain the lessons gained from the prior classes. In order to resolve the issue, the Pharmaceutical Science Program held retreats to embed this finding into the classes that are conceptually connected in the curriculum map. The actions taken from the last assessment show mixed results. Thus the department will continue to assess these PLSOs, while revisiting the types of questions chosen from the exams and assignments for assessment.

This year, the Pharmaceutical Science Program will assess basic knowledge of manufacturing processes and regulations (Goal 2). Therefore, the program committee members chose Fundamentals of Pharmaceutical Sciences (PHS 300), Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Applicable Regulations (PHS 350), and Pharmacology (PHS 401) to collect the data. The assessment will be completed through class examinations for direct measurement. At the same time, in order to move towards assessing all three Goals throughout the program, the department will begin developing a quiz to be administered to all students in the program. This quiz will be designed to address the specific PLSOs for each goal, and the same quiz will be given to all students so that progress in achieving the goals over the course of the program can be assessed. This quiz will eventually be administered on Blackboard.