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2019-2020 Library Assessment Plan

Assessment Year: 2019-2020
School: Library
Department: Library
Program: Library
Department Chair: nkinyatti
Department Assessment Coordinator: dsu
Program Coordinator: dsu
Completed by: dsu
Other Contributors:
Date Completed:2019/11/04 14:44:00 US/Eastern

Program Mission

York College Library is committed to providing quality collections, outstanding services, and excellent user education to students, faculty, staff, and the community to support the College’s mission. The Library manages and provides seamless access to both print and online scholarly information; offers reference services, research consultations, and information literacy instruction; provides state of the art facility and equipment; and advocates on behalf of students to maintain a pleasant physical space for learning and scholarly activities.

Assessment Plan

Outcome 1

Program Goal

To provide quality user education to students

Program Student Learning Outcome

The student is able to find and use information effectively

Alignment with York’s Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs)

Intellectual Discovery and Creativity - Demonstrate excellence in academic inquiry, creativity, research, collaboration and professional growth.

Alignment with MSCHE Standard III Competencies

Information Literacy

From which course(s), section(s) will you collect student artifacts?

Information Literacy classes

Sample Size



Information Literacy Quiz using pre-test and post-test

Measure Type




Rationale for the Plan

We have removed two goals because among the previous three PGs, only this goal, “To provide quality user education to students”, is directly related to student learning outcomes (student-centered) and can be assessed according to the Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs) and Middle States Standard III.

Data Collection and Evaluation

We will follow last spring’s practice, in collaboration with the General Education Assessment Committee (GEAC) schedule and administer Information Literacy assessment pre-tests and post-tests for direct measurement.

When: Spring semester 2020 Who: Di Su, Head of Information Literacy, and several other library faculty members who will be assigned to monitor quizzes