2019-2020 Physical Education PreK-12 (BS) Assessment Plan

Assessment Year: 2019-2020
School: Health Sciences and Professional Programs
Department: Health and Human Performance
Program: Physical Education PreK-12 (BS)
Department Chair: lbarley
Department Assessment Coordinator: gwerber
Program Coordinator:
Completed by: gwerber
Other Contributors:
Date Completed:2019/11/15 13:22:00 US/Eastern

Program Mission

The Physical Education PreK-12 Program enables Physical Education Teacher Candidates (PETCs) to utilize content knowledge, content pedagogy, physical skills, and professional dispositions to develop learning environments that support psychomotor, cognitive, and affective learning domains, and include state and national physical education standards. Professional preparation for PETCs is guided by lesson and unit planning and implementation for the classroom/athletic setting that incorporate student diversity, technology, assessment, class management, and reflective practices. Through clinical experiences in New York City schools, PETCs develop competencies that positively impact student learning in the NYC Public Schools (PreK-12).

Assessment Plan

Outcome 1

Program Goal

Content and Foundational Knowledge: Physical education candidates demonstrate an understanding of common and specialized content, and scientific and theoretical foundations for the delivery of an effective preK-12 physical education program.

Program Student Learning Outcome

Describe and apply common content knowledge for teaching preK-12 physical education.

Alignment with York’s Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs)

Intellectual Discovery and Creativity - Demonstrate excellence in academic inquiry, creativity, research, collaboration and professional growth.

Alignment with MSCHE Standard III Competencies

Scientific and Quantitative Reasoning

From which course(s), section(s) will you collect student artifacts?

PE 152 (FF)

Sample Size



Content and Skill-based Exam – administered at the end of the semester

Measure Type



Proficient (3) points: The student identifies and demonstrates the ability to teaching specific sport skills.

Rationale for the Plan

During the AY 2018-2019 PG 1 and 1.1 were not assessed in the prior AY year.

Data Collection and Evaluation

• The data will be collected from PE 152, a required instructional metholdogies of teaching sport skills course for PETE candidates. The assessment will take place during writtena and practical exam that takes place at the last session of the semester. • Professor Mc Nickle , the course instructor will administer the written and practical exam. • The department assessment committee will assist in evaluating, analyzing, and interpreting the data.