2019-2020 Movement Science (BS) Mid-Year Assessment Check

Assessment Year: 2019-2020
School: Health Sciences and Professional Programs
Department: Health and Human Performance
Program: Movement Science (BS)
Department Chair: lbarley
Department Assessment Coordinator: gwerber
Program Coordinator: gwerber
Completed by: gwerber
Other Contributors:
Date Completed:

Please indicate your progress on the following for academic year Answer Comments
Program has collected assessment data for the fall semester Yes  
Program is in the process of analyzing data from the fall semester Not yet, but we know what needs to be done   
Program has completed the fall assessment activities Yes   
Program is continuing to implement the annual assessment plan Yes   
Please indicate your department and program faculty’s engagement Answer Comments
Department faculty are informed of the program’s current year’s assessment activities No  Current program's assessment activities will be reported during our first department meeting of the Spring 2020 semester. 
Program faculty (full-time and/or part-time) are engaged in the current year’s assessment activities Yes  The program director is engaged in the current year assessment activities.