2019-2020 Physician Assistant (MS) Assessment Plan

Assessment Year: 2019-2020
School: Health Sciences and Professional Programs
Department: Health Professions
Program: Physician Assistant (MS)
Department Chair: swilliams2
Department Assessment Coordinator: rbrugna
Program Coordinator: rbrugna
Completed by: rbrugna
Other Contributors:
Date Completed:2019/11/06 12:36:00 US/Eastern

Program Mission

The York College Physician Assistant program seeks to recruit and educate students from the diverse surrounding communities to become highly competent, compassionate, and culturally aware providers of excellent medical care to underserved urban areas. Incorporated in our mission is a priority on increasing access to medical professional education for racial and ethnic minorities, financially disadvantaged students, and first-generation college graduates. Our program is committed to providing strong supports so that we may also expect high performance from our students.

Assessment Plan

Outcome 1

Program Goal

Demonstrate thorough knowledge of current and evolving basic science and medicine sufficient to assess, diagnose, and manage their patients under the supervision of a physician

Program Student Learning Outcome

Goals 1.1,1.2,1.3 Achieve published progression standards on all coursework; Achieve benchmarked performance measures on summative examinations and board examination

Alignment with York’s Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs)

Intellectual Discovery and Creativity - Demonstrate excellence in academic inquiry, creativity, research, collaboration and professional growth.

Alignment with MSCHE Standard III Competencies

Critical Analysis and Reasoning

From which course(s), section(s) will you collect student artifacts?

All courses and rotations, all program-administered summative examinations, national board examination results

Sample Size

Thirty students (30) in the most recent three cohorts for a total of 90 students


Grading spreadsheets, biennial program retreats, program Assessment Committee review, annual accreditation reporting

Measure Type



85% of students will achieve stated progression standards on first attempt; board scores (and content subscores) within 5% of national averages

Rationale for the Plan

A comprehensive learning assessment plan is required to maintain continuous accreditation by ARC-PA (Accreditation Review Commission for Physician Assistant Education).

Data Collection and Evaluation

All principal faculty members participate in data collection and analysis. The program maintains an Assessment Committee to conduct routine self-assessment activities and a full-day program retreat is scheduled each January and July to review the process and outcomes. Annual reports are submitted every December to our accrediting organization.