1) Data will be collected by the professors assigned to teach each of the various classes. It will be submitted to the program coordinator for compiling and submitting via the annual report. 2) Data will be collected throughout the semester. FEMA Certificates represent industry standard competencies that most employers require before an employee is off of orientation. 3) Safety is paramount in aviation. The midterm exam and final presentation in BUS 281 concentrate on the systems in place to make the National Airspace System the safest in the world. 4) BUS 210 deals with Unmanned Aerial Systems. In the class topics such as privacy rights, Just War Doctrine, Fourth Amendment concerns, and the future of warfare (Swarms of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles using artificial intelligence to coordinate the actions of the drones without human input after initial programming) are discussed. 5) Business ethics are an integral part of the Aviation Management degree. The final presentation in BUS 410 assesses the students ability to apply the information presented throughout the semester.