2019-2020 Spanish (BA) Assessment Plan

Assessment Year: 2019-2020
School: Arts and Sciences
Department: World Languages, Literatures, and Humanities
Program: Spanish (BA)
Department Chair: fsalek
Department Assessment Coordinator: jramos
Program Coordinator: jramos
Completed by: jramos
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Date Completed:2019/11/08 16:44:00 US/Eastern

Program Mission

The mission of the Spanish program is to prepare our majors and minors for their professional careers through a variety of courses in which they study and learn about the Spanish language, culture, and literature, so they become active participants in their communities, innovative and ethical professionals who contribute to the development of a more inclusive society, in terms of cultural, linguistic, and intellectual diversity. Students in our program are introduced to an enriching and challenging intellectual and cultural life by exposing them to guest lectures, colloquia, poetry and narrative readings, film festivals, museum trips, and student writing contests. Furthermore, our program aims to provide students with a comparative element that will enable them to improve communication skills in their own language. In order to accomplish our educational goals, a rigorous academic orientation is provided to each student.

Assessment Plan

Outcome 1

Program Goal

Demonstrate oral and written understanding of what literature is; write about it and relate studied literary works to their socio-political and cultural context.

Program Student Learning Outcome

Explain linkage of socio-political culture and literary texts.

Alignment with York’s Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs)

Intellectual Discovery and Creativity - Demonstrate excellence in academic inquiry, creativity, research, collaboration and professional growth.

Alignment with MSCHE Standard III Competencies

Critical Analysis and Reasoning

From which course(s), section(s) will you collect student artifacts?

Span 222-GJJ

Sample Size



We will use a discipline developed rubric. Students will submit final essay which will be evaluated according to the rubric by 2 faculty members

Measure Type



Students will achieve a minimum score of 3 on the rubric, demonstrating their ability to explain the linkage of socio-political culture and literary texts in a consistent manner relating the text or source to the literary period in which it was produced.

Rationale for the Plan

This year we are assessing a very important program goal in a 200 level course. This related PSLO was assessed in a 300 level course last year and we want to evaluate the results to see how the PSLOs are functioning at different stages in a student´s career. We can then take steps to ensure that students are given the structure needed to be successful.

Data Collection and Evaluation

The final essay of the semester will be a 3 page paper asking students to relate a societal issue and its representation in works from 2 distinct periods studied in this survey course. They will be asked to compare/contrast the development of the theme with specific textual references and concrete information about the social-political context of the periods chosen. The papers will be collected and evaluated by the course instructor, Dr. Margaret A. Ballantyne, and Dr. Franklin Gutiérrez.