2019-2020 French (BA) Assessment Plan

Assessment Year: 2019-2020
School: Arts and Sciences
Department: World Languages, Literatures, and Humanities
Program: French (BA)
Department Chair: fsalek
Department Assessment Coordinator: jramos
Program Coordinator: zsaad
Completed by: jramos
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Date Completed:2019/12/04 13:40:00 US/Eastern

Program Mission

The mission of the French/Francophone program is to prepare our students to navigate successfully in French in a global, linguistic and cultural context, in France and in a French-speaking country. First, the French Program strives to teach students to speak, read, and write a language other than English and to use that language to apprehend and respond to the cultures appertaining to these languages. Our students are trained to identify, discuss, and analyze the foundations of the French and Francophone literatures and to attain a deeper understanding of different literary periods, their most representative works and their authors. Additionally, the program strives to make the students understand the historical development of one or more non-US societies, the historical evolution of the French language, its culture, and its society and establish a connection with today’s global societies. The French Program also aims to equip the students with the grammatical, linguistic, and cultural knowledge required for their professional careers through a variety of courses. Our students are introduced to an enriching, challenging intellectual and cultural life and are encouraged to spend a semester in France or a French speaking country through the Study Abroad Program to improve their linguistic, cultural and oral skills as well as their understanding and appreciation of the literature and civilization particular to French.

Assessment Plan

Outcome 1

Program Goal

Obtain general knowledge of key authors and works of literature from the Caribbean, North African and Sub-Saharan Francophone countries.

Program Student Learning Outcome

Identify key authors and works of the twentieth century from the Caribbean, North African and Sub-Saharn countries.

Alignment with York’s Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs)

Intellectual Discovery and Creativity - Demonstrate excellence in academic inquiry, creativity, research, collaboration and professional growth.

Alignment with MSCHE Standard III Competencies

Critical Analysis and Reasoning

From which course(s), section(s) will you collect student artifacts?

WLIT 205 - GKJ

Sample Size



Research paper in three drafts

Measure Type



Target: 3 or 4 on Rubric

Rationale for the Plan

In Fall 2019, we begin assessing PG 3) and PSLO (3.1). We have chosen WLIT 205 because of the scope of its objectives: to impart knowledge of the rich and diverse Francophone literature of the Caribbean, North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa to the students. This knowledge will allow students to put into context masterpieces in Caribbean, North African, and Sub-Saharan Francophone literatures, analyze a theme that stems from that period and link it to the overarching theme of colonialism.

Data Collection and Evaluation

  1. A formative assignment will be collected at the end of November, 2019, to assess PG 3and PSLO 3.1 for WLIT 205 course, introduction to Francophone Literature. 16.students will write a three-page, multiple-draft essay, aiming at 1: identifying key authors and works of the 20th century from the Caribbean Islands, North Africa and sub-Saharan Francophone countries; 2: discussing a theme that stems from the reading list and linking it to the overarching theme of colonialism, and 3: demonstrating familiarity with the Modern Language Association (MLA) style and basic knowledge on how to incorporate bibliographical references into the essay. The essays will be graded and evaluated by Dr. Jean Francois and Dr. Saad.