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Students' Advice

We always ask students finishing their Writing Program course to tell us what they think about the course, and what they would tell a student about to take Writing 301, 302, or 303. Here's some of what they say!

Limit Your Course Load
Take no more than three courses.

The student should not take any other Writing Intensive courses with Writing 303. You should make sure you have enough time and attention to this course.

Pay Attention, Ask Questions, Revise
Follow the professor's instruction, submit your work on time. For anything you're not clear [about] discuss with the professor. And finally, revision will help you boost up your grade.

Get to Know the Librarians
If a person seeks a successful experience from the Writing Program classes, they definitely should expect to spend much of their time researching! They should really take advantage of the wonderful librarians, especially when the class meets in the Computer Lab and Library. Their knowledge and navigation of the York College database is truly outstanding. When researching for the final paper, it is vital that any student choose a topic that they find interesting.

Be ready to write. The class is very demanding, so timing is everything. Be prepared and ready to participate.