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The Climate for Change

Gore, Al. “The Climate for Change.” Writing and Reading Across the Curriculum. 4th custom ed. for York College. Ed. Laurence Behrens, and Leonard J. Rosen. New York: Pearson, 2011. 301-303.


imminent – adj.  likely and certain to happen soon

redemption – n. the sale of stack that you own in a company; being freed from the power of evil

unequivocal – adj.  clear, definite; without doubt

apocalyptic – adj. describing a time when very bad things will happen or the world will be destroyed

revive – v. to make alive, active, popular again

sustainable – adj. capable of continuing for a long time at the same level

embargo  - v.  to stop trade with another country by means of a government order

simultaneously – adv.  at the same time

sophisticated – adj.  complicated and advanced

balkanize – v. divide a region or body into smaller mutually hostile states or groups

antiquated – adj.  too old, too old-fashioned to be useful

Vocabulary Exercise

Filling the blanks with the words chosen in the following:

apocalyptic        embargo         unequivocal           imminent           revive

sustainable         sophisticated               antiquated

  1. Economy of these areas is beginning to ________.
  2. Emerging market countries still complain that IMF’s _________  governance structure does not reflect economic realitites.
  3. The fear of _________ defaults has led some politicians to call for a federal law allowing states to declare bankruptcy.
  4. Such a culture is ________  only in an organization that allows individuals to make mistakes and encourages them to recognize them.
  5. Why, with all the advances in technology and communications, would such a ________  device still need to be plugged to be recharged?
  6. For an apology to work, it needs to be _________ and the apologiser nneds to show that he understands what he did wrong.
  7. All of this _________  speculation abut takeovers and bankruptcies could be overblown.
  8. The _________ on rare earth exports to Japan was an even more blatant violation of international trade law.



1.  revive      2. antiquated            3.  imminent           4.  sustainable

5.  sophisticated         6.  unequivocal          7. apocalyptic             8. embargo