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Office 365 Teams for Faculty

Tutorials on how to use Office 365 Teams for class meetings, class notebook and assignments, sharing videos and more.

Office 365 Teams is a powerful platform for teaching and learning. You can conduct class meetings, share videos, have students work collaboratively on a presentation, paper, interactive with one another, and more.

To get on Teams, go to CUNY Office 365 page, then click "Log into Office 365" link on the left navigation menu.  Log in with your CUNY Login credentials. After you are in Office 365, click Teams app.

Hosting class meetings on Teams

Uploading videos to Stream channels

  • Sharing videos on Stream with your Teams (If you want to share many videos in a channel in Stream, share the channel instead of sharing videos one by one. Go to the channel. Then click the 3-dot next to the channel name and select Share in Step 1 of the tutorial.)

Collaborating and Working in OneNote Class Notebook

When you create a Class Team for your course, a Class Notebook tab is automatically created on your Team site. In the Class Notebook, there is a space for you to post course materials and resources for your students, a collaborative working space for students to work on a document together, each student has their own notebook only you ad themselves can access.

Other Uses of Class Teams