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Turnitin Grading Page - Feedback Studio Overview

An overview of Feedback Studio page user interface.

To access the papers submitted by students or similarity reports from Turnitin, go to the "Course Management" section, and click "Course Tools" > Turnitin Assignments. Then click the assignment name you want to grade.  You will be bought to the "Feedback Studio" page.

The 3 Layers

On the "Feedback Studio" page, click the icon on the top right to open the tool panel.  There are 3 layers of tools (see the screenshot on the right below), namely, Grading, Similarity, and e-rater.  Each of them has a few features/tools. You can check the box for any of them to work on that layer. 

Turnitin feedback studio toolbar           Turnitin feedback studio 3 layers

The Similarity Layer

When the Similarity layer is selected (the red toolbar), you can see the originality report in different views. For detailed description on each of the views, check out the resource pages starting at Interpreting the Similarity Report and then click Next at the bottom right of the page to continue. 

Turnitin feedback studio similarity layer

The Grading Layer

When the Grading layer is selected, you can use QuickMark, add in-context comments, overall comment in text or audio, and grade with rubrics, to provide feedback. For more detailed information on each of the grading tools, check out Commenting Tools including overall feedback in text and audio, QuickMarks, and Rubrics pages. On each of the linked pages, click the Next link at the bottom right to continue until you see all the information. 

Turnitin feedback studio grading layer

To assign a grade without using a rubric, type the grade in the space shown below. It will be filled in your course Grade Center automatically.  You can only assign integer grade. No decimal point is accepted. 

Turnitin feedback studio assign grade

The e-rater Layer

If you enabled the e-rater in your assignment settings, you can select this layer on the Feedback Studio page to see the errors in grammar, spelling, style, mechanics, usage, and suggestions. Students will be able to view them, too.  For more information on e-rater, check out Viewing e-rater feedback page, click the Next link at the bottom right of the linked page to continue until you see all the information. 

Turnitin feedback studio e-rater

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