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New Bb Features and Tools

On this page you can find new features introduced in the 2018 year-end Blackboard upgrade and tutorials on how to use these new features.
  • Making course available with one click
  • Attendance tool
  • Cloud storage integration
  • Audio/Video feedback on Grade Center 
  • 2016 Theme (more accessible and mobile compatible/friendly) 
  • Chemistry notation support
  • Displaying question numbers on top of the test screen
  • Grading assignments on Blackboard Instructor app (this is only for papers students submitted to Assignments. You cannot grade discussion posts, blogs, wikis, etc. on the mobile app.)
  • Bb Collaborate Ultra
    • You can upload files to a session long before the session starts. The uploaded files will stay in the session even after you log out of Bb. You could make a session available and upload the files to the session one day before the scheduled session. Then make the session unavailable until the scheduled time.
    • A Tip: It is much faster to upload a PDF file than a PowerPoint file to your session room. Save your PowerPoint file to PDF file and then upload the PDF file to your session. 
  • Grade Center Enhancement
    • You can see column names in full in the "Full Grade Center".
    • All grade columns and "My Grades" support up to five decimal places, are not rounded and are consistent for all display types (score, percentage and letter grades).
    • You can delete multiple grade columns at once by going to Manage > "Column Organization" screen from the "Full Grade Center".
  • Discussion Board “Replies to me”
    • In addition to "Total posts", "Unread posts" and "Total participants" on the discussion board page, a column "Replies to me" is added so that unread replies to your own posts can be easily identified and read.
  • Enhanced mobile experience for blogs and journals 
    • You will now have a much-improved experience using Blogs and Journals on your mobile device. For example, options for filtering posts or navigating groups or users will appear below currently viewed posts.
  • Enhanced mobile experience with course navigation
    • When you access Blackboard Learn through a browser mobile devices, you’ll notice that the navigation has been moved to a hamburger menu that remains there when you move from screen to screen.
    • Tabs and subtabs now appear in your navigation choices. 

CTLET York College CUNY Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0