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Final Exam Grades

How to play the audios

You can play the audio on your phone or on a browser. If you play the audio files on a browser, please use the Firefox browser. On other browsers you cannot move the audio play control backward or forward, you will have to re-start the audio from the beginning.

The Beeps in the audio tutorials

The Beep or “It’s-your-turn sound” in the audios indicates the best place to pause the audio and work on the instructed steps.

Below are our instructions for making the students' final exam grades count in the total.  

Before starting, make sure that you set up the grade center so it reflects the grading categories in your syllabus. In particular, make sure that your grade center setup includes a “%Final” column. If you feel lost, follow our instructions in the Setting up your grading breakdown in the Grade Center tutorial (2m56s) on the Before the Semester Starts page.

We envisioned four scenarios for the final exam, and for each are providing instructions for:

  1. Setting up a column (if needed)
  2. Making that column count in the weighted final column, the infamous “%Final” column
  3. Recording grades. 

Choose the scenario that applies to you and click to play the audio file. 

Please note: the Beep sound in the audios indicates that you can stop the audio to work on the instructed steps.

Scenario 1  (1m57s)

If you did NOT use a Blackboard tool for the Final

Scenario 2 (1m59s)

If you used the Blackboard Test tool for the Final

Scenario 3 (2m52s)

If you used the Blackboard Turnitin tool for the Final

Scenario 4 (1m46s)

If you used the Blackboard Assignment tool for the Final

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