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Personalizing your course menu (2m31s)

Your Course Menu (Part1-Step3) audio

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Blackboard Workflow Part1-Step3

Personalizing your course menu

  • You have posted your syllabus in the course information space. Unless you want to post other files there, why not call this space “Syllabus”? Ok, it’s time to take a look at the course menu.
  • The York College default course menu, from top to bottom, has: Announcements, Home Page, Course info, course docs etc. This may not exactly be how you want your course menu to look. Here is how you can personalize the default menu.
  • Remember those wickedly hidden buttons? Hover over any of the links and see two of them appear: the two-directional arrow on the left and the action button on the right. Use them to reorder, to rename, to hide or to delete the link. Note that you can also reorder links by using the reorder button in the right corner of the action bar on top of the course menu box. The functions of the buttons to the left of the reorder button are revealed when you hover over them, and, yes, as you can guess, the plus button serves to add a link to your menu.
  • You’re all set now to start creating your own menu by modifying the default one. Here are some recommendations. Delete links as you wish, but keep “Announcements,” “Contact Professor,” “York Online” and “Student Blackboard Help”. Next, if the syllabus is the only item you want to place in the Course Information link, then rename it to “Syllabus” to reflect that. 
  • As for adding links, we recommend that you use the Tool link button to add a Send Email link and, next, a My Grades link. Do not forget to make these links Available to users before clicking on Submit! If you failed to do so a “hidden box” will appear next to it in the menu. 
  • Take a minute to explore what kind of links you can add to the menu. In particular, click on the Tool Link and discover the different types of tools in the drop down box. Also, think how you can best name any links you add so they represent what they lead to. You can add as many menu links as you wish but consider this, that from a user experience point of view, it is as annoying to have to look for an item in a very long menu list as it is to have to keep clicking and clicking on links to arrive at a particular item. Here as elsewhere: balance is a golden rule!
  • So go ahead and create your course menu. When you're done, you can move to the next step where you’ll set up the section of your syllabus that your students are most eager to see: your grading breakdown.

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