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If you did NOT used a Blackboard tool for the Final (1m57s)

If you did NOT used a Blackboard tool for the Final audio

audio/mpeg Not use BB tool for Final-official.mp3 — 1773 KB


Scenario 1

If you did NOT use a Blackboard tool for the Final

  • You’ll need first to create a grade column:  In the “Course Management” section, open the “Grade Center” tab, click on the “Full Grade Center” link, then on the “Create Column” button in the action bar. Name your column “Final” and select your options but leave the default “No Category” option as is. Click on Submit. Back in the “Full Grade Center,” you may need to use the scroll bar to see your newly created column, as Blackboard placed it by default at the very end of the spreadsheet. If you want to move it elsewhere in the “Grade Center,” in the action bar, click on “Manage,” then on “Column Organization” and re-order your columns. Don’t forget to click on… Submit!  
  • Next, you’ll need to record grades and leave feedback.  In the “Full Grade Center,” in your newly created “Final” column, click inside a cell and record your grade, then press enter to save. If you want to also post feedback, click on the hidden action button next to the grade you just posted and select “Quick Comment.” Click Submit to save your comment.  Repeat the same steps for all students.    
  • Lastly, go to the “%Final” column that you created at the start of the semester:  Click on the action button on the right of the %column name, then on “Edit Column Information” and scroll down to the “Select Columns” section. In the “Columns to Select” box, select the newly created grade column, and use the arrow to move it to the “Selected Columns” box on the right. Make the column count for 100% and leave all remaining options as is. Click on Submit. You’re done.