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Drop the Lowest Grade (2m5s)

Drop the Lowest Grade audio

audio/mpeg Drop the lowest Grade.mp3 — 2952 KB


If you ONLY want to drop lowest grades
Part of Blackboard Tutorial: Final Course Grades

  • If you do want to drop the lowest grade, here are three steps to take:

    • Step One: In the “Course Management” section, in the action bar of the “Full Grade Center,” click on “Manage,” then “Categories.” In the “Categories” page action bar, click on “Create Category.”  Name the category from which you want to drop the lowest grade and make sure the name is a plural. Don’t ask us why.  Click on Submit.

    • Step Two: Go to the “Full Grade Center.”  Use the horizontal scroll bar to center the columns that belong to the category for which you want to drop the lowest grade. You’ll need to edit each one of them. Click on the action button to the right of the column name, then on “Edit Column Information,” go down to the category section and in the dropbox select the newly created category.  Click Submit to save the change. Repeat for each column. 

    • Step Three: Go to the weighted total column for the grading category to which these columns belong--you know, the one with the suggested percentage mark at the beginning of the name. Click on the action button to the right of the column, then on “Edit Column Information.”  Scroll down to the “Select Columns” section.  In the “Selected Columns” box on the right click the cross sign with red circle to remove each of the columns. Then in the “Categories to Select” box – the one on the bottom left, select the newly created Blackboard category, with the arrow move it to the “Selected Columns” box on the right. Set the percentage to 100. Under “Drop Grades,” in the box between “Drop” and “Lowest Grades” fill in 1 to drop the one lowest grade.  Click Submit.

  •  Now you are all done. Go to CUNYfirst and copy the grades from the Blackboard Grade Center “Weighted Total” column to the grade roster in CUNYfirst. Yay!