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PHIL 103 G, Wednesday, 9-27-17

Plato, "The Meno"

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This is philosophy 103G Wednesday, September 27 2017 your name call JohnCatalog course I got a flat shell save Brad you’re Wrong what would four on the Friday so did you talk about why it is very cool don’t anticipate why for me they don’t even care about everyone who are wise the interior of open ended and I don’t hear you care about them so you can’t get the reputation here this is as clear everybody that we talked about this Monday did the podcast recording work remember them a check for my just a few minutes yeah I have a problem with this Press is that bike today the essay media take a minute or two just a reminder Socrates says grow in the way let consider whether to do what let consider the right thing to do and Sesion beat me the wrong way is if they’re scared of dying hey which is pretty normal pointing out the fact that fear is useful but it’s down weather you’re crazy I base a decision on who’s doing what’s the alternative we spent I spent my entire life in human with me for out of fear when somebody goes into a physics lab while laugh they just you don’t have Mary is whatever chemistry or physics or biology humans and people turn on the visual design to send to but it’s all God send all your decisions in life your friend about what to eat or anything you made. I will see you I thought you satisfied with what we saw on the path but the fact is that any decision you made whatever understand and you can’t approach to new situations at elevation feeling like for you and hope to make a sensible decision so you have to ask yourself as readers of this text what grail stand in the descriptive words you’ve the reader or the one and you don’t dad is a sexy case you wanted to say that Socrates defend the old user who knows you by SEL a kiss a lot of questions whatever was the DCG Elvis and Teaching the judges you are but that’s over for your skin. So he tells Christ that is you that’s part of it that’s part of the good life is Angel have a sense of reality to realize that that statement is not probably not you believe it or not what most people believe is that well you should be just but sometimes being Josh Disney Cruise and Socrates is as good an example that is anybody going to think of some others Jesus Dr. King good guys win the good guy killed right more often than not or at least off and then we will wish so we we tend to think that we should try days like money and you know whatever we want and B is just as we can and if we feel we have to be on Jott do one thing trying do it anyway canceling okay and you know there’s a certain amount of reason that way thinking about you so driven by their emotions and feelings they mess in south division but that’s not what Socrates is saying so you need to ask yourself”what is he saying and cannot make any sense of that I’m not trying to convert her to read these kinds of books better hey so he says a good life is it just life it is the Astro van is Never there Jo now there are some other proposition’s theory return wrong with wrong is not right but sometimes people say yeah I know what I did is wrong but that’s what he did to me so that her that this is national human feelings marthe but naturally feeling want to get revenge her back some buttons heard off we want who not only when you’re killing people little tell them off National yeah get people back want apartment making feel better if you are not following this role Romeo Mobile to you whatsoever bro I’m trying to do is explain to you without that if you ask Wysocki criticize the to That and is a bagels fruit picture so I told S and go to hell because these are not but that’s the opposite of thisIn a live web base that felt world this is hey breeze Denise and try to avoid dangerous situations while right but they’re willing to do anything afraid mother okay so Socrates is saying that it will I his adjusted life therefore it’s never better kicking butt physically metaphorically better both Telamon or the person right because what you’re doing someone bad be better if you can put that best garmes okay so so Pretty miserable when people consistently mistreat you to encourage you to think about what this could mean a good life is a just life is to think about for that kind of relationship between people to be the internal condition relation within your own mind and what were managing what we can he’s a call man we’re the feelings of anger and hatred directed toward this Want to write don’t work together for us rather that’s what he waits is better for you to be just me you have a mind that is healthy where desire works for what you want to know how desire can work for good G simple desired were desire is in the word philosophy ha ha loving the right thing Socrates love and justice that that how desires can work now that is a dozen or so desires things like a fool and Thanks I don’t even want okay how do that so what’s on the boat he’s seriously Howard emphasizes lesson learned but that’s his idea of justice so now what raises it is never better to be on the show say that the knowledge from the pastor with what he thinks in Charlotte lady on the job then in this case is on John to stay in jail we have a big issue about escaping using clearly you may feel that this conviction and her and that murder was wrongful taking right so one point Bobby Kennedy stepped out of the microphone an analysis going on 13 in know what we’re doing but 68 campaign inside Boston.Dr. Shaw I remember that the event but also. But like what he has to say to New Orleans so the people what the people doing in justice the people became doing that is killing me killing bargain I thought you what so saying this conviction of you and the sentence that is on let’s get out of here no way so what do you understand something you can take about later on the injustice was done by John not quite loss and that he would be doing in breaking the law horrible laws and the law bases for everything any society and therefore have to be okay the only time he thought he should not be okay forbid when he says that obedience is low on Josh not ruling out that that would be doing harm institutions in the that had not done John but even is Socrates had the opportunity wouldn’t while driving right remember use it from the prices he thought cool that was not a show in the war that Athens and Sparta for this is another test but he would not improve these people buying or are her to get revenge for whatever in My she’s been gone but basically what what do you like to hear people to try to help let me talk to about the meal now I know that no we can’t talk on the busy time you got it rat by midnight tonight so is right possible Park not what I want to talk to you about is the business parts I want you to be you at already Beautiful wife in this book reconstruction philosophy is organized that way at first chapter is about the problem problem solved the method of driving south in San Mateo at least a general okay so where you can be an organization like that you sensei goes beyond understanding this in the same way that word articulation errands in my class today I got into a lot of talk about analogy use very old record metaphors to that are about other things that we also o’clock thinking and speaking articulation we see our person is being articulately needed person speak so Articulation for example for two is able to perform certain funds but it’s also priced the argument to see common phrase people use now and talking about somebody explaining something that that’s like’s Street language common no slang or rated down to break it down for you Analysis Analysis is a taking a coma: breaking it down Park Star in the worst story chaos which is the word for elements right now I’ll I’m here today so what I’m feeling the book in the books so I told you three the first half animal right now first car what about Hershey now what hurts what question is Nino ask Socrates person anybody read any of this thing basis for anything special one page first then they start without me I’ll ask the question get into it your dress Reading PS how it is virtue is learn or buy practice or by nature or in some other way what are those for alteratives for alteratives off 123 and four what are those for example of 1234 whatever you could identify what each is it a different example of the world for J turn off Marty practice nature is another way really alternatively well nation supposed virtually sign age that means you’re born virtually or you’re not which issue is something that were born healthy healthy Keith call GE or so by nature delete that Long so these are different ways of acquiring something gay you either had a major major or you get it by the thought process at the house already responded to that today well I didn’t buy another lesson for the nosy messy serious sincere anybody who read few pages at least John do you have answer my question. Why because his answer is that how you know why what You don’t have you ever experienced examples of food that you didn’t know this so this is a normal cultural experiences and one of the immigrants groups and come here from different parts of the world don’t find anything serious but sometimes it’s they become humorous and a prosperous and often the market success where you don’t know what it is go get me meow shot for that anything hey sexy sexy a say You’re always perplexed you present yourself as a person right what’s hi please hey Lindsey you and after a while they requested youCopy that so Saturday torpedo fish his brain cancer and he is we have lost because I hurt dom exactly so the question so we talked about this before in other places benefiting Neil sorry buddy what’s up Dewey is then they’ll what’s the meaning of what you might say you know I don’t I have faith is on so Socrates get people to realize in the event that is right and I don’t know something you can think about it and and you provided no internal parts of the book form asking questions and now say no so the bill are we set our there is no learning is that what it is so at our house no more or you send me you’re your draft essay by midnight tonight use give the documents saying like this you’re they first initial saline draft make sure it’s a word document so I can open it enough l’ombre you’re talking to you have a this one if you have not already} I didn’t even number when I downloaded off work yeah but you included a provision that RadioShack hey moe we’re here yeah I got thanks for me let me I got stuff I got the paternal hangout