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PHIL 103 G, Monday, 11-27-17

Dewey, Chapter 4 - Reason + Experience

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Philosophy 103G Monday, November 2017 I miss that I got that messed up perfectly okay so so my plan is to get your Dewey log back on Wednesday already said and finish the mill essays by the end of the week or if not the end of the week and maybe the end of the weekend meantime you’re thinking about the Dewey essay as well and we our last day of class is Monday the 11th so we got today Monday the 27th plus Wednesday the 29th and then Monday the fourth and Wednesday the sixth asked week to get these two weeks and then the last one is supposed to be for review maybe that we will finish doing early enough that we can have Wednesday to the review let’s see and we have really ought to be able to review Dewey while we’re discussing doing so that the time is left for review should be from Plato and mail and One of the things that some of you who work hard days write and rewrite the Plato paper when you come to the final exam don’t have so much to say about Plato which sometimes is the difference between NSA and an exam but that I feel has to do with the fact that one point were very involved in thinking about Plato and then maybe you haven’t done quite enough to get ready for the exam to remind yourself of the various things that you worked out and worked through they have a right on the McCannon exam so I’m cautioning you that you should do that the bill essays that I’ve read so much about them show quite a few of you for whatever reason and I am curious about it don’t really seem to be trying to follow my idea of starting with the problem so I want to start today’s discussion of Dooley by talking about the outline the basic story the Dewey is telling would you need to understand even if you can’t always work out some of the aspects of it the first two chapters you’re remember our about a problem and it’s the problem that he says distinguishes philosophy are distinguishes it from other kinds of study and it’s a problem of the relationship between facts and values so you need understand what it means for there to be a problem of facts and values and then you also need understand can be the philosophy problem and not a problem or some other sort every human problem can be conceived as a problem of fax values for example if you’re hungry is that by itself problem you’re hungry but What what makes it a problem Beyond what yeah right so hunger and pride something you want and the absence of food tell you that there’s a situation where the fax or not ready to be used to meet your needs so this is a sad separation affects become an obstacle this is a problem the separation of facts and values but you don’t need a philosopher to solve the problem you’re thinking insofar as you need to do thinking to take care of the problem is about faxing values but it’s about food and how to get right generally speaking food and how to get it for most of us most the time it is not difficult problem casually people may have more difficult problems of money for example that may require different kinds of thinking to deal with it but even when the problems become more difficult with philosophical problems if you have a problem they with your teeth who’s going to help me solve that problem that’s the sound of washer running so what we’ve we’ve gone over this before bed I think what was the mark was the sign of a philosophy as opposed to some other area of expertise may or may not be a profession you Just be a matter of experience what was the sign of philosophy when do problems a fax of value become problems loss you remember last Wednesday when I told you that when you have a problem of fact values you usually don’t talk about it that way you say something like I don’t know what I’m to do about lunch or worst problem I don’t know how I’m pay the bills the food bill and the other bills when you have a transportation problem you don’t talk about fax values you talk about my train this broken down that line is closed whatever whatever some reason I have to figure out how to get to work at school get home you don’t talk about faxing values what is talk about faxing values do indicate about situation maybe but what what is the character of that language is is a broken down train affect so each of the examples I gave tooth decay that effect so each of the examples that I gave food to traffic whatever are examples of facts we can illustrate the distinctive defects in values and problem faxing values with any of those examples so what’s the relationship between talk about faxing values and talk about food or transportation what’s the relationship between the one and the other the others are examples of it what’s the relationship between you talking about and an example apparently that’s not a question makes sense to you so we just said that every example I gave you transportation dental health nutrition is an example of faxing values is fact it is is talk about faxing values and example of dentistry it is an example of dentistry if it is in there should be something in the facts and values that his teeth Jeanette any teeth talk sex there’s no symmetry here is their wanted example of the other but not the other way around so so that means and talk about faxing values is more general examples of specific like a different document human being and they need somebody because you an example of a human being you still talking to human beings than one occasion talking in general terms the other case you talking about one actual specific human being this is the same when you make our examples may not come down to a single individual tooth but relative to fact in value to the specific cause of the specific kind fat bright and the value like dental hygiene health is the specific kind of value therefore we can conclude that when you talk about fax about be speaking more gently and whatever it is that you say applies to many different kinds back to all kinds of faxing values kind you have me Nevada alright now if that’s the case then the question becomes why would you want to speak in General terms about all these kinds rather than about one specific one you wouldn’t want to talk about one specific one if you had one specific problem like dentistry and if you could solve the problem in those terms you wouldn’t need to going to Gen. discussion facts and downs so now the question we have is what is it according doing this stuff and making out what is it according to Dewey this makes people go into these general discussion of fact tradition by itself doesn’t make us do any of this stuff and in this problem solved if tradition has a problem and but what does tradition include and we referred to tradition that about specific thing like dentistry so part of the tradition might be a medical tradition tradition of concern without it is certain community has a concern that has certain practices and engages in tried to Secure health and there couldn’t be problems of health traditions the last time we hired a historian here the field was African history and the person we hired what is now professor good to go I know one of the other candidates competing for the position with the woman who had who’s field of research was and Traditional medicine in West Africa was more specific part West Africa by remember where and she had written him about the difficulties between the Westerners you brought in the English or the French probably who is brought in western medicine the difficulties of communication and cooperation between them and traditional practices I was watching a television show last night call Longmire Sammy her it’s Netflix where it originated that Longmire is about a contemporary sheriff in Wyoming and they are pissed town this county actually surf County is it Includes within it I believe Cheyenne reservation and the what an episode we saw last night was about a Cheyenne couple parents with a child who was suffering from scarlet fever and they were taking care of them at home by traditional medicine practices and this sheriff’s daughter who’s an attorney and the sheriff very good relations with what’s have had bad with some people to basically very good relations with with the Cheyenne a lot of with a series about this relationship between white and an Indian chayanne sometimes creative it’s mostly Chayanne reservation a certain several of the main characters in the series or shine so the daughter has actually been practicing law for that for the benefit of people on the reservation so she’s very well-intentioned once be helpful and the Cheyenne woman who the school teacher and his teacher this little boy who’s very sick now scarlet fever he’s home and basically with the parents tell the attorney is that white people have for long time done things that they claim to be beneficial that involved taking Cheyenne children from their parent and they were going to provide their childhood something of these why people couldn’t provide witches the Cheyenne home that six little get my so you see is an interesting situation not like you have a good guy and a bad guy may favor one side or another nyskate a white person is trying to be helpful she’s actually being prodded to do list by Cheyenne woman save this and if there was a similar story told by the by the candidate for each of the candidates gave this is couple years ago before years the Westerners of course thought that their medicine was superior and it may very well in been in many respects but when when you come to a discussion with a superior attitude sometimes you don’t have a superior discussion no I know when you down and you should listen to me is not usually a good way to talk anybody right so so what got me on that at the answer was traditional I’m also working around to making at the end right So I was illustrating an example how people have traditionally been a want to give up right and the example was like one of the examples I gave up for dental hygiene dental health the the value both of the tradition and of those who are against the tradition is house there is no disagreement about the value in that Center that’s nonsense but my tradition before painting more about health if we need to all tradition covers everything doesn’t it’s your whole way life on that respect it’s like this the way I’m talking before when I said well faxing values that’s very general lead covers in any example okay nonspecific thing in for a specific thing you don’t go to philosophy seen in my experience