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PHIL 103 E, Wednesday, 9-6-17

Plato, "The Euthyphro"

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This is Philosophy 103 E meeting on Wednesday, September 6 September 20 17th I’m going to call you names so you’re saying you walk through the atrium when you see know all those flags right those those flags were initiative of a dean of student affairs about at least 20 years ago and she did because she said wow you know there’s so many students from so many places here at your college him For a while I would find out for my students that they were from somewhere that didn’t have a flag and I go to the vice Pres. Grayson vice president of notice letter to expensive we can’t find anymore so it week we haven’t kept up to date and then many years ago and the number I got was something like 130 so that led to this standard line here now what’s the only institution in New York city that has more national diversity what maybe it does but it’s not the right answer my question if you’re thinking of it New York city what’s New York City got its international this famous thing you can’t surpass the diversity of United Nations and the only place that has more nations than we do and not very many okay so I brought that up because I’m about to read your name and typically I will encounter names is that I don’t pronounce very well not that many usually would saw so I’m asking you to correct me to teach me to pronounce your name not so that I sound like member of the family I think that’s too much to hope for but at least it does sound terrible if you recognize it and that you can see that effort made pronounce it correctly okay so let me just tell you something about eating in the bathroom it says no smoking eating drinking the only one I try to enforces the smoking no no smoking alarms build I don’t stop I don’t try to stop students from eating or drinking but what I do rule out is eating out of noisy plastic containers our voices thank you.  [What follows is taking attendance.] Here’s what I like you to do I am out of him syllabi but they after class I can give you any information that you don’t get the request that you need for now send me an email and you know I am just asked me for a syllabus and I’ll send it using attachment without the okay you win look printed if you want to go have to you might just want electronically whatever and also give me your Emplid number no it was not in the mail right think the best and them then I cause I like everybody’s Emplid number cases soon asked me for advisement or anything like that I can get into get your transcript whatever okay I actually I didn’t get it on a list that I have to send back to the registrar before next week but if you give it to me on that email of course you weren’t here Monday registered yet as I write this. I like to have a nicely piled one of the reasons design or something I read some of them at least on the E train now I wanted to drop stuff all over the place okay I used to be able tell tell you to go to the bookstore to get these 5 by 8 index cards.

We don’t have a bookstore anymore so I don’t know where you would get the stationary store they’re harder her to find these days along with several other kinds of stores the simplest thing is to print it out just make makes it easier for me to for now we can give those to me if you have know if you printed out folded the print casing out not folded in the way you normally would will do something right okay  before you pass it off please also make sure that you’ve written somewhere 103E right at the top somewhere and now you’re supposed to have two things  forward this is your ready and kind of want those of you were sitting in front of one paper plate okay I’m here on August 28 let me describe what being past four when you get the syllabus you will see you know if I say do you know what I’m going from chapter 3 chapter 4 will stand chapter 3 on Wednesday or something I’ll  never go ahead and schedule that sometimes was a little bit behind it so you need to stay posted about what’s going on and that’s your responsibility if you missed the class can’t say these scheduling  writing assignments that I call logs  consist of show this is paragraph is minutes per. I’ll write comments on logs but a lot happen after for next Monday at have to read about 75  invited us to right hand corner if you’re on the topic going if you’re on the topic some design but not for maybe for seven sentences and asked me to complete but inevitably is not something you need to complete you don’t have to do anything more at lock if I do get unit complete you should understand life you don’t yes usually become a class I say we do because you wrote banana something get to redo lots of good grades and they don’t affect your grade you could go zero think 13 Logs course of the semester you can get 13 incompletes and get an A in the course or shows is that you did you know it the whole idea of writing across the curriculum which was a big movement and education maybe 20 years ago on the whole idea was to tried to get students to write out your thoughts because writing your thoughts is a little bit like translating an idea that in your head into action so you don’t you want somebody hit a baseball where you want somebody ride a bicycle where you want somebody no clock or something like that any examples of using skill and involves your body watching even if you understand what’s going on is not the same things doing and when you do if you typically find out that it’s not there are problems that you had not anticipated so you learn by doing and that applies here to you using you got the idea but somebody says well what what’s the idea and then you have to say it doesn’t have to be right yeah to say and start running into difficulties this is one of the reasons the teachers fine that they learn a lot by TG they learn a lot about students and how to communicate but about whatever they’re talking about something to study before because now yes explain everything you get figure some way I got that you still just sitting there and you got explained so that’s what you’re being asked to do but you’re being asked to do it in the lawns at a very early stage not when your thinking has ripened and you’re prepared to present at or something like that no very early stage in which your have an idea about this idea about that and not sure how they relate to each other and that’s what you write on the wall is the frozen this Saturday said that I’m not sure why this or that and the only focus you have is on the book and on the topic so what was want talk yeah but what specifically what with the statement of the talk tell me your name what yes Mr. Lane okay alright you remind me ha ha that’s last night how I use last names yes I see it now here and I’ll go ahead okay so what is what is he know when he says he knows the piety is and why can’t you give definition tell me your name Voltaire is the both areas I would like to respond the content of what you said but for now I was trying to do is illustrate about logs and without got the topic of the law stated so when I read your log I’m going to ask myself to the student trial right about the question of what it is that use the front  okay so Mr. Dawkins asked me you got it right what’s shaking now you’ll have a syllabus understand that you don’t have to question what’s shaking about it at this point what is what happens his would have you you get the books you read this dialogue by Plato called Euthyphro which is about 20 pages and you have a syllabus in the syllabus says that come to class today you’re behind but you weren’t registered at this come to class today having ready to fro and writing seven sentences on this side that better okay anybody else them with questions about it don’t today last name marock I appreciate reminder to do things that I’m supposed to do including thanks again all of this equipment that I have to turn on if you see me if I sometimes I come here I want to talk about something with you and I forget to turn the podcast so I don’t mind at all it all if you drop me I don’t even mind if you driving it turns out you didn’t see it I didn’t turn it on that’s alright I need reminders sometimes so I appreciate it if you would keep an eye out make sure that we get it recorded so we’re now down to 15 minutes and so what is it such take the laptop we have Mr. Voltaire is that right who’s the percentage of you of what Socrates is doing that would give the class an insight into why the people of Athens children right now I’m not saying that Mr. Voltaire is necessarily that angry with Socrates and he would want to kill him or just because please anything to use a roast as Socrates going to contradict now call for a moment because even though I don’t think it’s what Socrates does I don’t also don’t think that it’s necessarily a bad thing to do worthy of punishment it is a model of certain teaching and training what are you suppose the benefit might be of every time every time there’s an assertion somebody contradicts it now when we’re hanging out with our friends we might find that annoying you know when spouses do it to each other they’re kind get ready for the divorce court but dumb what might the benefit so they can see get some new tell me again where if now did anything crazy “Baby Driver” did you like it we hey my wife and I hated it we dollars is the worst kind enjoyed it because I’ve never seen a movie that was so bad, so anyway if you have a discussion like that we’re people explain what they like  misses no I didn’t like thatWhy didn’t like it or whatever then you get what is Alfred as described different points of view and you can learn something from other points of view this is similar to that except instead of the responder giving a point of view he just contradicts this point of view so yes to say something so in a sense you get him said Lisa point of view one response might be my feelings are hurt he’s not showing me any respect and Sonnen and when people contradict in when people contradict you in certain ways that might very well be the appropriate response when they’re not being respectful but you can also think to yourself how can I show him that is wrong in his contradiction now a lot of frustration life occurs because we can find a dozen situations like that and we cannot come up with an answer but This is a very’s heavy demand to require of yourself to have an answer every time somebody contradicts something that is meaningful to you.  You like to be able to the same way we like superheroes who come and they just punch them in I’ll overpriced but very few of us to go around people most mostly so sometimes however you come up with an idea later on and it may not be timely for that occasion when somebody was being kind rough with you but you got a new idea was the justification of pure contradiction is this is the educational justification is that it stimulates your thinking and effective as they feel the way you can help I’ll show him okay know all things require some determination in fact this method of communication is basically the same kind of relationship that we have built into competitive sports usually we try to be good sports but basically our relationship in the opposition is that we wanted to see want to have a good respectful time with them we want to beat them and if we can beat them by a lot all the better everything beat them every time great so it’s  it’s a competition it’s like war is a winner there’s a loser that way of relating when you put it into intellectual stock into communication and search for truth or whatever gives us what we call debate to the attempted defeat you. The word “polemic” we get from these ancient Greeks are reading here refers to a really ferocious  verbal attack is the word polemic anybody here not know the word I get in does not work it means wore the Greek word for war but for us it means basically a war of words when somebody doesn’t just contradict you but he’s all over you and I’ll so however I’m telling you that I disagree with Mr. Voltaire that’s a talk with us this is a Socrates does contradict that’s true not quite in the Spirit okay so let’s take a look at this we got about seven minutes let me talk a little bit about some of this introductory stuff the beginning of the use a photo that shows us who Socrates is and how he operates I’m an abandoned dialogue for the time being so the author is presenting the character to you a couple of characters but particularly Socrates and you don’t have to know anything about them in advance you should be able to get sufficient ID of this character is by the waste presented in the face so the first thing we know is that he and use of role run into each other in a public place and they know each other we are well they don’t each other but we get some use of   surprised to see Socrates there where is he where are they outside of the courthouse so he surprised to see Socrates there which means that Socrates is not going to write a word on the board saw that word look changes may not be familiar to you but some of his cousins are like litigation right to litigate means to take to court to sue in someway so there are people who are ready to sue but not properties so that the first thing about Socrates that you do for a surprise to see him around the courthouse he’s not the kind of guy doesn’t he’s even more surprised to learn that Socrates is the accused.  pressing charges he said he charges pressed against so that tells us something about Socrates so that Euthyphro looks upon Socrates with admiration and a shock to hear that somebody is accused of something we’re bringing to court Socrates he asked Socrates what the charges and sake says that he has been charged with corrupting the youth and impiety and those two go together because allegedly teaching the young people did young people god other than the gods of Athens let me say quickly this tells us that Athens has was typical for round the world for most of human history had an official religion what’s it like the United States where at least legally constitutionally there is no right religion or wrong religion but they had a religion and Socrates is accused of teaching something other than that Socrates present sis information to Euthyphro in a way that Jeff well that is respectful of the accused because he says that what militaristic users sleep in and neither one of them knows mellitus  because I’m a little bit cause he’s a  court didn’t know him before that even though they’ve their part of the same city which tells you that Athens is a big city wasn’t as big as New York city but it was a big enough so that they not everybody no so Socrates describes melitensis trying to do something very worthwhile describe how is it somebody he must be somebody who recognizes that the how important it is to teach the young people correctly the earlier the better and that if there is somebody was doing was teaching them in a way that is damaging that that’s what corruption and improvement have to do it that is to say if you help a young thinking grow well that’s improvement if you give it something that’s going to work its growth somehow that’s corruption and he compares it to a plant know when you have a young tender shoot as they say anything you do is going to affected greatly wherears a more mature organism is resistant to its environment and often Socrates says anybody who’s take this seriously is on the right track is very very important so hang on for a minute so I can just tell you what we’re going to do on Monday that that doesn’t seem quite adequate for the stage we’ve reached so I want to read the Apology I believe there’s a lot test to you should think a loss is a big deal you can write seven sentences in your sleep practically right okay so really Apology or how much does it say does anybody know this is a read the whole apology for Monday for half a better one that’s the Apollo oh yeah that may not be the whole quality and your anyway it is about 25 pages alright  you thrown those of you who just joined the class catch up my then please hope you don’t sure I’ll take that now let me do this okay.