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PHIL 103 E, Wednesday, 9-27-17

Plato, "The Meno"

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Home now they asked me if I wanted to change the recorder and I said no because that would effortlessly the battery verification Michael put the lock Philosophy 103E E Wednesday, September 27, 2017 so two weeks from today there’s a long do on the Meeno we will be discussing amino couple times for you and the reason for that is that the Meeno hands three parts and the kindest thing that I’m trying to teach you involved be sensitive to Parks no there’s a course in the mini USB cable. Science related programs called physiology and a nap any make it available to talk so here’s what I wanted I her physiology what what anatomy is about is the parts and how they’re arranged and you the skeleton of an animal D internal and you get to get an idea of the the park and what am so you have to look at cars see how and people used that language to talk about not only physical things I like animals but talking about all things including speech and reasoning for example the articulation of something is his attorney Mike Hughes to talk about bones and how to put together a joint that is the articulation what are we winning you know that word who’s that talking Dawson is pretty clever now is the right answer but when I turned look he looks like the wrong welle Press save be used for sleep I’ll make an analogy you don’t know the answer given everything any throughout use use the ideas I gave you what I like you as a basis for making an analogy putting balls together one articulation so what’s the other articulation you’re not using the word cut you FaceTime but you’re not using let me delete the the analogies putting things together so what you put together when yes you you use when You speak words right it’s an articulate person is one who can put words together so that is meaningful to K the ancient Greeks were the first and within the Western world to talk about major composed of elements the Greek word for almonds is so I’m care you know any letters follow how this is outstanding what are letter to the elements all Front words yes where the almonds out of with all speeches made when you put them together you get words and then put those together gets a little bit like going from elements to molecules you No more complex things like maybe sell when we talk about nature in modern call one of the things you do when you think about something test alright somebody is with I want years behind so I’m just getting ready to say things like she’ll stop occasionally and I’ll please in metabolism consists of two opposite processes nurse please square you know what to do that with Mark one goes out that what no anabolism and catabolism another great worth the VOL part of it just me motion Nikki Anneliese Academy that you break things down it’s like ashes to ashes dust to dust the darkest magnificent complicated organism human being whatever it is in more general terms the word is Analysis break down modern phrase means exactly the over and out W analysis of chemicals when we find it If we’re successful and what is the composer in general whatever yes so when Freud psycho analysis he broke things down into what are you going drives in Cindy’s basic fundamental desires which he thought were up to kind interesting enough to contact with could have wasn’t one that builds up to excel dad okay so I’m I’m having fun with words with you because I want you to start thinking of books text as organisms or skeletons and to open your mind to the idea that they are constructed they are articulated and that understanding of the involved maybe not only but it certainly involves breaking them down and putting together as a finding with the articulation what a person says see you in any anytime you involves following the articulation what’s the subject with her the object of her basic stuff that is all about delete if you don’t ask the question so I love you and ask me your life is so talk you had this essay to write I love Amy and ask him if you read the meal the syllabus tells you to read the whole thing for today but that we would only discuss the first far north tower already talking my articulation apparently the Texas Parks that’s Something to eat Kelly Pk.Park negated chapters however just going to chapters doesn’t Marcy what ejaculates you is that there’s no numbering system me know which one game for Rachel but when we dictated exam I had in this course the third reading is a reconstruction velocity by John Dewey and Warren Z is the age peers are organized like this there’s Rebar Kyle is a juicy when you start reading the first sentences right wear but it’s also not the kind of thing you see when you wake the last sentence you don’t have to sell houses will organize how is it articulate illustration here would be like this is my Cesar how I know when the first part of me always over and it will be on the second part of writing unit and found is that Remberg how much you can anticipate that fine on your own and also I’d like you to get confused not 69-if you have disposition division is Stefan’s number 88 zero 80 noticed that text begins on page 59 or Stephanie’s number okay so goes from 70 to 84 approximately can you take it from 5969 okay and here’s what he says and the bottom face 60 not its meal Socrates before I even met you I you seek dear okay. What’s what’s he referring to their then we will all already not only discuss important our discussion Plato his past and more precisely what yeah so now what other words you’re representing you in this dialogue with an example of somebody who is actually participating in this talking about what is referred to here not he is anything but listen to others and so we have a Kia I might say or ear witness to Socrates reputation before I met you are here and I hope it’s clear already that the spirit is just had was Socrates is confirmatory they say he’s just experienced what he told about but it’s not clear yet so tell me is that your experience days is always an essay of perplexity you probably about an even greater what death your senses Saturday I think that’s a fair response to talking because perfect perplexity usually experienced perplexity as a kind of misfortune let’s let’s see if we can find examples of perplexity in the dialogue bread in confidence perplexity that”Sophie he thinks he knows about God rightCopy that Press charts Press charts because the things of Socrates S there is a better than Socrates start the week we know that you suck bro although he is a person who has a syringe was often in his essay And requested you at all but so is engine made the right point when she said if you get a good implying well at the end is different we’ll talk more next time because I pointed out very sad moment for anybody who knows what twice because you don’t want to be a next time so what is he perplexing what what is he unable to do let that is the definition of doesn’t work very well and then than I wanted to have difficulties to he says before you start asking requests what’s up versus yes so welcome back to that but me and always will say here soon I didn’t really see just not bragging to my iPhone on emergency is that a safe complexity now or is it as a confidence as described useful similar with their confidence right is that useful that girl that one of four alternatives call a first what five design not that it doesn’t fit it is what faculty player right he is a inherited basically you’re correct by get our nature we’re all free okay so someone uses for believe you’re born with it without driving what dessert right oh That’s me okay that’s an analogy so that’s exactly said you read this you somebody’s pages he said how can I tell you how virtue is acquired and I don’t know what hurt more than one thing clear you have so far is and so sleep Meno here is describing Socrates’s reputation as a person who is always in the same perplexity save he never from what he is wonder okay now buff1 me to say is that soccer you are what they say is you are always in the same diversity that you bring others to the same state and now I think you are bewitching beguiling notice we have now I’m not sure exactly what degree surely in English when we speak of somebody in bewitching a person inability to function the ability to say and so by non-natural means the Natural means might be couple shots of tequila something like that bewildered and couldn’t think straight but that’s the how this works right children’s she’ll do some incantations and a curse and so on and turn it into a toll or whatever so so the idea is Saturday Anthony is the the result is that people calm inarticulate you know Nino also compares to a torpedo fish which is officiated and it hits your leg you’re not and clearly official that do that to capture things and then they if any errors make them in mobile then they become dinner right at the human being is that not a big fish we don’t become bitter lovely maybe live around for a couple days after that and so me know he is saying that Socrates paralyzes what was the parent is mine and what else not to get even talk always managing to save this that’s not literally true but he can’t talk on the subject of that question his mind is all tied up in knots okay now the question is this so where what I want you to understand is the first part to me always about her and Socrates shows me out of the hand very good today well yeah for women Notorious is a famous person in the history of while he’s one of the food network all sockless hounds in familiar sound friends like me god victory Naples is the awful us we call English new and in the direction to the Black Sea so gordius was one of the founders of the discipline of rhetoric has everything to do with speech and BlackBerry on but Gore was born on me for pet fish for our first proposition that the basis this is well see this we can this is the to know there’re well you know we can communicate around the trail thing or this is called paradoxical when reword there’ll be a long holiday again is the same word we have in words like Orthodox agreed verbally face Great so the second part of the Meeno is mean assert that he can possibly learn what because learning is impossible can’t get him sample the right and Socrates giving a demonstration of learn with playboy and then the first action is Socrates he tries to get me know the final version for mean I won’t go back todaypractice we could talk about the difference between learning and practice the anything different for white or something ass when you’re taking a multiple-choice exam that is the fourth one will be none of the above and we give he tested sometimes is ready recognize anomalies right well okay so something else and by the way what your law is about is the third partTwo weeks is about there are me know and this is a hint for you think about alleviating about the third part of me knows about the something else for when you bra revert to stories of the gods and thought he was giving Socrates definition of piety sorry he showed different stories cannot find and I hate buying and example of different triangles that don’t tell me what you in order to identify what they are what correct answers for that but the generalization that is always may apply to that list so he saw two things that every shared Number okay now you’ve gone with DJ practice nature some other Wednesday forget for what is that what those three items three off what no education would be learning possibly practice but nomination yes acquisition meeno is laughing stock of the house you get it hi I guess somebody in our shop for something where do I get this stuff now if somebody asked you where you get some Chinese vegetable let’s say any self childbirth but somebody else might not write what answer would you give the person