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PHIL 103 E, Wednesday, 10-18-17

Mill, "On Liberty", Chp. 1 Review of "Meno", Part 3

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Philosophy 103E Wednesday October 18, 2017. So let me just tell you something about what I’m going to do what I I did Monday and will continue to do with this  amazing one transcription and I’ll do it for couple classes but when I work on one I’ll ask them and they will make that the transcription for all three classes when I say I’ll work on it I don’t only mean that I’ll edit what’s there so yesterday the one that I worked down from Monday thinking maybe from his classroom not sure Socrates developing hypothesis and applying it to the facts and drawing conclusions so I added that I just type it in so it’s it’s phony as a transcription not totally phony since we can talk about that the point is the reason I’m telling you is that up till now the podcast should Should’ve been useful to anybody want to use them for prepare for the essay or whatever but the transcriptions weren’t much now I’m going to ensure I get one good transcription even if I have to make it out you’ll know that it should be useful I I didn’t think so I’m trying to do that make us sound when you hear names like do this quickly Alvarez and Brunson Coronado coast dollars Francis Gonzales okay I’m a Lopez Kelly Lane I know you weren’t here my lady also 90 last Wednesday okay you would quote anything talking Alfred Marks hello Rocky new year Ron C Randolph Celine is only Voltaire mom and Carla you were not here Wednesday maybe delete silly for where so yesterday I was downloading your essays as they came in but I stopped in the middle with that other things and Dylan and I was too tired for their budget and I know are sitting in my computer that I haven’t responded you don’t have to worry about it if you don’t hear from me are not returning me insane red grated I’m talking about technology that I received it you don’t hear from me by the middle of the day tomorrow because tomorrow morning I got to get up do my exercises to brush my teeth and all that stuff and then I eat you know you don’t hear from me sometime tomorrow then send me a message and with the message attached to your essay again just in case you lose right doesn’t cost it doesn’t okay that’s when I want to say something about the loss 900 blogs were written by you after reading the last part of the Meno but before here is the discussion I just want to make a one comment to make sure that this point which was may Monday is clear I have sent you that when you perform experiment the user hypothesis and you put it into action which is what an experiment is and you look at the results of the results do not reflect back on your iPod but reflect back on pretty broad they if if your hypothesis predicts one thing and something else happens that is negative but it’s not approved I’ll give you one example of why when you are taking a left court hearing your college and you’re being taught by your chemistry or biology of physics professor how to do it experiment does it usually work not people don’t know how to do these experiments were beginners novices whatever don’t have a very high rate of success and yet these are experiments which shows that’s the problem with the results of the experiment something take the ad’s so negative results don’t prove that your iPod this is wrong normal positive results prove that it’s right they are evidence in that direction another meeting your experiment is any good but they are not conclusive evidence so when Socrates formulates his hypothesis that virtue can be taught only if it’s knowledge and there’s reasons is good reason to think that virtue is knowledge all the talk about how we need to intelligence knowledge to guide the way we use things in order to make them think it is good money beauty strength health anything it was there’s only go to views it says it a good hypothesis the reason Blackhearts is that doesn’t mean that we know it’s true need it’s worth try the virtue is knowledge and knowledge is what’s talk what’s see you looking at peoples claiming that they teach it that didn’t work’s office confirming evidence but then he looked at some of the people who see most people agree were virtuous and he cleverly experiments was along in science as a long-standing debate between see theoretical scientist and experimental scientist is more important but experimental of the theoretical understanding it more attention for that experimental science isn’t very clever to create experiment by which series Candy firm for example you Can’t see planet they don’t shed any light for example the fact that the orbit of a topic you can see* waffles is a two-way vindicator the gravitational force affecting a nearby I ~like knowing your neighbors home because Radio is so he cleverly devices this experiment as well these guys who were virtuous cared about their songs we have evidenced that they try to get this on everything they could they got them archery lessons and horseback driving lessons and everything else so they were virtuous they have been good in their minds they sheesh early would’ve given it to the shop and the way to give it is teaching because it’s now your knowledge is my teacher can’t do it by rubbing shoulders for example doesn’t doesn’t move from one line to another by osmosis physical contact do my teaching so there’s there’s experiment did they teach their sons were those auditors on wind up being urge was like the fathers were they great man like to mystically spare the answer is no so the experiment get it resolved with the negative result does not prove that virtue is not knowledge it proves that the mystically and Pericles virtuous knowledge they didn’t have the knowledge question which is something that could be student discussed to whether they were actually virtuous you Take that for granted Asian was not now knowledge good but the knowledge that he just got the mail and if you want a quick explanation for this in addition with me right now knowledge that is equally true no guessing and your answer is true add easier soon that call crew opinion and threw a fit in is that it is the nature of opinion that we don’t know how we got it for what reason there is a whole why do you think so we’re asking this is Piedmont with a dozen people all the time right why do they sell Madonna that’s it makes it merely opinion his way talking about with her with the boy in the demonstration the mass demonstration showing Meno showing the boys how to make connections so that you arrive with the right conclusion when you do that when you make connections and arrived the right conclusion that’s knowledge when somebody told you or you remember from high school geometry to the interior and trying world hundred 80 reset jalapeno mutual opinion so you don’t really have any reason for thinking so that have to do with John you’re reason has to do with people your confidence in you don’t so indication that idea for triangle what are the gifts of God’s gift of your math teacher in high school but because there are things that I’m on come out we are not why can explain that is very creative very far because this whole story telling is about myself into the god so we have her with we have a consideration of virtue as knowledge and consideration virtual stupidity we have found anybody who has that knowledge keep in mind the whole dialogue was an attempt a virtue is to know what it is Socrates said he didn’t know me as a document laborious to know that won’t you tell me meal meal please he knows because he from Dormias three tell Socrates what he think doesn’t work anymore the use of rose definition right nut or the whole dialogue is about need to know if we were to find somebody notice the ambiguity of experiment this experiment did not reveal anybody with knowledge of virtue that does not mean there is no such person or persons we invite I Had now at virtue would be the real where are you guys there Jo man don’t know why it’s true in shadow okay that what’s up test conclusion about was a virgin before he draws from this experiment okay now we got a new Author and you guys are supposed to read the agreement we have I can I give you extra time sometimes you have to promise me that you’ll read the new author even though you’re writing a rewriting your essay if you haven’t read the first chapter mill have not your agreement with me and you have no basis for claiming any sympathy or flexibility from me in the future thee so how many of you have read chapter 1 12345 whatever wanted things I’ve noticed is that all five of you raise your hands like this nobody gets right that is that you don’t want to humiliating classmates oh yeah but I didn’t ask you how many of you understood how maybe read 12345 okay call All of chapter 1 14 pages right how many of you read some of it who do not the ones read all pages of your hours what five or six okay explaining material 568 anybody else who was the radiance of her okay somewhat more than half the class is broken the Agreement me I just wanted to understand that each of us has to choose Gouda how to act in with what to do to you so Monday we have a long lunch after one that I told you a little bit about already right the street here is what I proposed to do today is something that even the people haven’t read the book could do if they have the book and that is to take a look at the first paragraph so I’m going to begin by reading the first part the the First half of the first sentence the subject of this essay is not the so called liberty of the will anybody looking at this text know why he puts liberty the willing”