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PHIL 103 E, Wednesday, 10-11-17

Plato; Reviewing essays

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Philosophy 103E E Wednesday, October 11, 2017 so I came in this morning thinking about the last person Leno but then I realized the course of my first class that things need to be said about the essays that you just got there on Monday I don’t want to going to the Pheto will finish the meeting off on Monday so we’ll use the rest of today’s session to talk about the essay if we run out of things to talk about Meeno so since I last saw you driving red about 70 essays and I many of them I think about is much is you certainly a lot so what each one of you was given then you know use what you can do it also something important and you need to understand is in Word 2 do you revision well ask me about it class or more likely more quickly by email I would say in general they will they were pretty good there were a number of good ones with the there there were some common problems characteristic of not all that many of the SS first of all many people just ignore it decided that PSA was on I had one to say that was on talk to use so of course the ideas that the essay topic is your option is not part of this course and maybe two other courses but that doesn’t do you any good off but even those who row on the right dialogs and that I want and then quickly that is wrong with using uses wrong using Royals drinks on the points of essays about the essay topic was taken from the statement made mythology Christ and so that at least that’s where you need to begin what I sent you before was that the first paragraph should be on the frog so what was what I learned by reading 70 essays is that most of you and didn’t know how to carry out that instruction or are youWe how to carry it out not completely so many people didn’t mention the long talk at all or mentions order almost didn’t have to in the course of talking about other things there is a great temptation that you’ve learned probably since kindergarten maybe earlier to take up the posture for the other person the leader of your essay to take a posture of the one who knows it would be is if you met somebody from you know a country that you know nothing about in that person’s from their country and you felt that the way the proper way to conversation that person’s pretend that you know Think about it I like your heart rate and analogy is by him never too many they but there’re a few tell me not only who Socrates is wearing drinks is irrelevant to the essay and it’s not something you know maybe heard senescence if it’s that it’s a form of pretending to know that I find very distasteful and considerate one of my jobs is a teacher to help students get rid of that that urge that Need to pretend to know of course when somebody asks a can’t answer tending know is only one option it is desperate option but when there’re days that you don’t know what you want to no outside of class what are you we will meet at when you ask who You at right asking the person who knows is on thanks but when you don’t understand something what do you doing let me give you an example to see if it works better for this class first call Numbers like that not necessarily all of two digit animals longer listen that and I ask you what does that add up to you wouldn’t know soon they’re very occasional love math genius is a good looking was like that something happened what not that wouldn’t be added various calculators added in and I agree that there is a liberating thing to do except for the fact that how you do that nerve working example got how to gather my there is a method that you were taught no you got that something that you were taught I mean you’re right track that that’s are surely did not expect you to go hundred and 28 just like that the Smart thinking this one they DJ and a time when number so now wallet this is Don this example of mine is reminding you of something so familiar that it was actually not that easy in order to illustrate a procedure that takes you from ignorance