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PHIL 103 E, Monday, 9-25-17

Plato, "Crito"; Essay 1 on "Apology" + "Crito"

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Nothing nothings printing here so I’m concerned but I’m not going to spend anymore time worrying about it got it on says it no nothings loving printing here and now it’s never the thinking so I want to talk about tomorrow and can you start the Crito and as you get into the the Crito and its relationship to the Apology we should by the very nature of the case find yourself talking about your essay your essay is followed my advice your drafts should be pretty much written but also today class to learn from and I would assume that you would want to take whatever you learn from today’s class and use it to improve your essay what you’ve written so far don’t want to leave more be improving to after I read it you want to do the best job you can on the draft and we work from there.


So what’s the problem with the logs?  Well you will notice that in the first class I had today I wrote the word “argument” there.  This course is about argument in the syllabus and course objectives war wish usually has a sequel saying more heat than light.   we have a larger market value for that session excessive data they’re not at the moment thinking very well love each other intelligence but in argument is as I use the term piece of reasoning which say solve problems and your job is to follow the argument understand how the author region relation brown reset whether things work out one way or another is not depending entirely or only on the god whether are you did you get your pool well depends on whether you choose week and some beverage with it to help wash it down when when you say Socrates lays apartment against mellitus let’s say in the Apology that would be like doing your math homework there is a proof for the solution this problem but you don’t say so you’re not doing mathematics just reassuring teacher beginning your job look for the darkness and the something along the sentences may 1015 not everything something of that nature summary is there anything else that you think it might be very thing that I’ve said or done to suggest something on the summary that I won’t stop I feel certain number about what syllabus says talks so when you say is it a summary of the dialogue demanding outline of being a summary of the dialogue but it is it has to be a response to the topic only if the topic is about the whole I want so for example when I when I what last the left lock me on the cradle so usually the topic they give you our topic I think are important to something that happened to be talking about some sense that the reading is about I talk give you some focus they they are suggestions to somebody might lead to Crito not realize that Socrates thinks it’s a bad idea to escape I mean I think would be hard to miss that somebody might so bye-bye topic along you and see if that’s the case because I say why does Socrates think it’s a bad lead Hill I don’t want to read the assigned reading and writing long going to redesign me look along topic and then right correction because nobody talked about the big issue in for one welcome back saw the argument only and easy and you should learn to text so for example when Meletus says that Socrates doesn’t believe in the God of Athens that leaves open the question as to whether Socrates believe and society said are you saying that I just don’t believe in God where I don’t believe in any obstacle it’s S what no sorry doesn’t operate like that and Meletus said when I have what I want to say right but what is the Socrates bullies and discussion should proceed by agreement he’s not a debater or something like a debate is not he doesn’t say melted say something and then he say you know you’re full of bees here’s the truth and given an argument and she wakes them out that’s debate we’ll see that method used in our second reading by John Stuart Mill. Socrates not a single one unless and until the person talking to agree so that everything that he says is his also what the other person says Let’s go back over and let’s see and reversal of God’s spirit and Socrates documents on his mind and this described apology my stuff that’s also a Greek word the EU prefix is familiar to you in English it’s a great prefix that is familiar to us as in words like eulogy or what his eulogy what’s the eulogy what are theses get up at a memorial service or funeral so what is the EU mean can you guess how to talk about that when you’re at a memorial service you say he was a rock guys play poker with him and he cheated all the time and imagery too much get sick and disgusting what mention of if you want to go to his wife’s dog found something positive thing about a customer site is the right thing to do without our custom not a CAL dead leasing meditation so what is EU me Gordon me euphoria for homework before you leave the rest of the first world “logos” why we see that in words like psychology for biology there’re a lot of words that and that is it that are about things we study it in the word for a Version of the Greek word logos word locked so clearly for thinking it also refers to talk this discourse is discourse is the word discourse Edward course so the word logos referred see add something while walking for when you follow your heart I’ll leave your call so Logos is about the process of  always like walking, going from one place to another use them only is a good spirit now that when I said that it sounds like I’m talking about demagogue which is what player but if I put it in the what we say to somebody in good spirits if feeling good about about thousand usually about that shirt one word hat when Aristotle Plato soon to vote on this one at the happiness sow I’m trying to suggest to you and it is worth spirit refers to an idea that degrees had about Florida hat video activity in the human mind we talk about that sometime in terms of inspiration high and inspirational he something somehow got into our minds and they asked capable of more than words but literally what inspiration means is we in the Bible when God created the world he goes over the waters and breathes so somehow the life giving and creating  talk about for and therefore get worthless. Which literally breath so this so when Socrates bases are he says to notice do you saline Believe in the Spirit reside me and not using no don’t do that it’s  Yes analysis is contradicting himself right the one and only finally on peace Spirit late to recitation a reputation as a kind of argument that reaches The conclusion that was somebody else that is wrong is that hot in here would it help don’t ignore it are okay so I want you to look for art in order to see how just tell me to leave history decide that Friday now let’s talk about how Socrates and Crito answered the question whether you should escape or not in the credit Plato uses the dialogue form to present you with a dramatic situation that will only help your understanding if you brought in the use of round remember Paste this why would you say if I were your friend and I would like you to fire your friend and I were in jail wouldn’t feel bad you have any idea about what credit is sealed for Mr. Alvarez jumps on board with the word I am very curious your.  okay so so if you are visiting friends throughout the new lease and said that that he going to jail or whatever to the great how do you right right exactly right and he said that he people are criticizing why have earlier I’m sure some of his friends and say how come you didn’t have a bite to say it has to be said to they were before actually have a place for soccer live is that so how does Socrates sponsored that if you answer me the way you did a walk under the individuals okay I morning check on the strong cicada yes I’m worrying about how it was a right you Don’t how does he react trouble to ask you and Mr. Alvarez that your two answers what is what is right on State of mind right the Socrates responded that did you say that Socrates is afraid of dying the way client was afraid his as drivers correctly said that his friend will soon be dead and by the way Plano Road is said in the fetal heart but in the seat of the Plato is crying bridal characters but Socrates doesn’t feel that and but it is not just