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PHIL 103 E, Monday, 11-20-17


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Philosophy 103E Monday, November 20, 2017 so if the logs are any indication most of you are pretty confused about you are doing and one aspects very important aspect of the confusion has to do with the idea that you think that if there’s a problem that it has to do you people with different and opposed ideas for advertising milk like to talk about one person thinks this about some have to see Greece but with doing the opposition is not between people of different points of view different ideas the opposition is between something somebody who wants to do and the fax so what you need to think about is how fast can stop you from doing what you want for example you might want to walk and the fact is that the service is slippery so use the default nobody has an imposed point of view you just can’t do what you want to do fast oppose it you want Subway another transportation example the subways broken down okay so I have talked about this in what you need to recognize as perfectly general terms that is the day I referred to it by way of example but the examples are always examples of two ideas and the relationship between us to write the idea of facts and balance example I just gave you slipping and falling is an example of a value it does not become the fact if you want to get somewhere that would be getting there and so long as that is not a fad there still is a gas a separation between what you want and what is the case with the fat senior value and the fact now when there is this separation what is in in general the way to remove it so that the values in facts coincide and Perfectly general formulation is difficult so let’s take example walking try to get somewhere and it’s slippery and you fall now what maybe maybe there isn’t anything you can do at this point but call for helping to the hospital to have your hip repair or something but if we are not giving up on the example sticking with it we say you’re trying to walk from here to there wherever it maybe for whatever reason and you slip and fall and you’re not disabled now. Miss Webster okay so it wasn’t necessary for him is good for me to ask Ms. Webster the second question is Webster said you you resume your efforts the point being the way to remove the gap between what you want and what is the case between values and friends is to do something action keep that in line very important concept to do it in fact in educational circles do is famous for set speaking of learning by doing action very important but the second question would’ve been well what about thinking and miss Webster is already indicated that in her understanding of the example the person who tries to resume his efforts to get worries going Will if he has any send see Will have thought about what caused and the difficulty so so we might say that when you run into difficulty that’s the reason for thinking may I think much thought so for example sometimes I discover I can’t get the E train to get into Queens I go immediately to the number seven train taking the flushing line to Roosevelt and then walk downstairs get the train there to get finish my trip to me several times over the years and I don’t have to stop and think about that but that’s because it’s a familiar situation for me and sometimes what we’re talking about a familiar situation sometimes they’re not it even if they are familiar situation some kind of recognition of the obstacle is important if if we’re going to proceed more successfully so another words a story like that simple as it is involves learning something about the fax which in this case we can stay very simply write what in my example of what was learned no but specific is the specific example slipping and falling wanted well you don’t even eat a command what did I learn about the world around me it’s wet and slippery right and now presumably I have to take that into account so when things are wet and slippery at the very least we we walk a little differently but if there is really if we get a big storm and has a lot of ice that might discourage us from walking altogether or only if we had certain kinds of equipment on so we need to think of those examples as I was saying in terms of perfectly broad general concepts concepts the facts and values that apply to everything when there’s a problem and you cannot do what it is that you’re trying to do however temporarily I’m describing that as a situation in which the facts of the values are separate that what you want what you value is simply not the case it is not a fact and wanting to realize your value is just using the word Rio instead of the word fat it wouldn’t be common English but we could say making the same point that when we take action we’re trying to factual wise our values tournament affects what are they before their fax we could say the value is a kind kind of existence today half when they’re not perfect within the doesn’t have to be a faith because there every time is the outdoors I don’t say I’m going to the grocery store on my I don’t have to and usually the suspect to form wishes or more appropriately when we’re back to something and I just got a intention what are you doing I’m going to the store you don’t even necessarily mean that it’s happening right now but that’s your intention if Soon as you finish this conversation that’s what you be doing something like that but as intentions they they are faxing your mind intentions but they’re not fax in the world the fact that the intention is about this is not doesn’t exist is not affect that’s the problem so did were that simple we would find ourselves in a funny situation that is what we’re trying to understand is the log topic right the social function of philosophy or put it another way what according to Dewey is philosophy what does it do if it were as simple as example I gave you then we would be lead to the conclusion that when you’re on the subway and you’re not sure how to get we have going person you need to ask is a philosopher if it’s a philosopher job is to remove the separation between faxing values and it’s a philosopher who must tell us how to get around on the subway because that is a removal of us good directions will help you remove the separation in fashion values but it would be kind of silly wouldn’t it to interview people on the subway and not except their advice about how to get where you’re going until you were satisfied that you’re talking a philosopher and it even if you were satisfied that you’re talking a philosopher it was that you think that would be any guarantee or at even any reason at all to sync that the person knows anything about Subway and there are various sources of information official sources of information that would be good for somebody what are some ordinary person who does what ride the subway and there are I write subways a lot there are things people could ask me about some of the boroughs that I wouldn’t know what to say which line gets you to what neighborhood and stuff like that I million some pants that are familiar to me so some of the time I could give advice I want one time you’re somebody here sucks and I was going home from York and these people said think come in at Kennedy when they made their way to Manhattan And they were looking for a a hospital that is a place where Texas informal place to stay and they wound up back it softens following somebody’s directions to either somebody gave them bad directions which it as we easily happen or they follow the badly which probably haven’t even more easily you think you’re following up about what we would be looking for in the subway is somebody with some experience in the subway knows knows his way around give us some guidance and by the way kind of questioning that I’m engaging in that with your about to do something that Socrates has done frequently that I’m not sure I don’t think we ran into any examples of this exactly but Socrates will frequently asked who does what so for example if you had a toothache I was at an example of a separation of faxing values see if you’re getting comfortable with this peculiar terminology yes the specialties yes so tell me about separation facts and value in that example what’s the value do you like to say his 50s so the very least the value is it a pain free to describe but don’t euros M ideas in general is that what causes your teeth to be in vain so what’s so what’s your valuable to be the cause of the problem might contribute to the problem what’s the value in that go ahead I know but let’s be specific what’s what’s the value that Ms. Baptiste was just expressing what we know she values from what you just said what about her teeth not why does she value of what is its value severity just having teeth straight oh care more about smile Vanity that’s important to having a nice-looking thesis making them pain free is it when you been in pain that’s a nice thing but usually want more than that you wanted yell want whatever the problem is that he fixed and usually there is some cause of the pain it’s Not idiopathic medical people say or just something you’re feeling there something wrong so and who and who would you go to this Bettys the Dentist right so we could do that with a lot of examples right and the answer presumably as far as you’re concerned would never be go to a philosopher right that may be that a philosopher nose how do use the subway so you wouldn’t object sending sending somebody to foster find out how use a frosty hot sauce subway if your company’s executive report for the subway but not just because it presents a philosopher even zero you and tell you were not around so he asked Ruttenberg is a philosopher when I get a substitute right even if it works loss or even was a chemistry when send your chemistry teacher maybe your chemistry teacher that was a subway but not because he’s a chemist okay so so we are him we can use any examples we wish and were almost certainly with each and every example going to come to the conclusion that Flossie is nothing in particular to do with it flossing knows anything about it at all it’s because he’s also a commuter or a dentist loss for dentist maybe hi but not because he is forced so but there’s a there’s a cool as to what the solution to this problem in identifying the floss for us because with each and everyone of these cases want to help people understand how to think about the relation between facts and value when type talk yeah yes right you can you help clarify that relationship than people might get I’m stuck in their problems are stuck is it from there so widespread