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PHIL 103 C, Wednesday, 9-27-17

Plato, "The Meno"

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This is Philosophy 103C Wednesday, September 27, 2017 what it says here is this is Philosophy 103C is not necessarily then so some comments on the law some of you still don’t get the idea that you’re not supposed to say he dance you’re supposed to dance when the question is how did Socrates respond to old accusers and new accusers not a good answer to say some questions and shows the wrong that’s like saying in math somebody ask you is that I didn’t tearing of the triangle he will hundred and 80° yes I know that given the proof course as I said on Monday this course is about argument that is to say reasoning I didn’t get from problem to a solution and your job is to follow the reasoning when you right along you may not be able to perform that job that well but that’s the job should be trying to perform telling me that there is a reason is not trying find out what that reason so Isocrates asked some questions of mellitus to show that notices charges wrong your job to think about how his questions lead to that and if you can’t do it for everything because you’re only writing seven or 10 whatever sentences trying pick things that are most important and if you haven’t got feel you don’t understand what’s most important but you do understand something so right about that two things beyond the topic is this a try to show that whatever you’re talking about as related to the top and to get what you’re talking about is a piece of reasoning try to get some reasons for some conclusion the Longs are reparation for glass but they’re also preparation for writing the essay you keep writing longs that aren’t very good the same probably be true on the essay I think probably I don’t hold it against you if you write bad laws don’t anything attention to what I’m asking you to do in any write a good essay five as long as if you’re writing bought the chances are that it won’t see you need to pay attention to what I’m trying to teach you on the loss read my comments and if you don’t understand the commentary going to do ask me comments are clear enough asking so that you can do it so how many Pages are meeno in today’s reading assignments and read the whole dialog also said he would only discuss part of it so Socrates is like that in his relation to the Oracle into the god it’s as if he saying if that’s what God said it must be true but I have no idea what it means that is a state of perplexity is no idea what it means so he certainly expressing perplexity there probably only time he expresses for perplexity what’s his reaction to use of role in use of hotels and what he’s doing there member usable price of Socrates is there and even more surprised when Socrates explains that he’s been charge because use the frozen assumption is it Socrates doesn’t charge people easily you haven’t use the law to solve problems but even more surprised than you could we could say perplexed by the idea that somebody’s charging Socrates why what’s his assumption about Socrates use rows from you before now I realize that change from soccer review for just for a moment to illustrate yes so what you said but it’s also an understatement Nora mean by understatement he doesn’t only think of Socrates is not a criminal he thinks of him as practically essay maybe you need to work directly right because when Socrates explains what the charges against him is and he says he says mellitus thinks that he Arby’s you want to improve the use by the way does all the ironing in this when Socrates describes balance test tube you’re probably say melted wants to improve the youth so we saving balances at his work right it’s about the same wants to do the charging talking cracking you wedding questions and in the apology find out does melted care about you not at all he Socrates find that out by asking him a basic question somebody says all I really love chemistry sorry ask the door close please we’re probably going for them to fire at the end and the person that even though it in chemistry study the elements or something like that right so what the heck does he mean anyway says he loves chemistry next is that so Socrates reaches a conclusion about this doesn’t care about it all by initially take him at his word and we all do the job don’t first jumps out to be a liar I’m not saying you should save your life on it should give him give a person some benefit of the doubt this in person telling you what he thinks sow use a frog is perplexed by the charge against talk to you because the charger says the sake of Batman using proceeds not only with management business finance as it Socrates also is perplexed is any when using process what he’s doing he’s charging his father oh my gosh that’s unusual Socrates Socrates doesn’t say that that user goes wrong to do that but it’s perplexing because usually we went we protect family now it may be that we shouldn’t go to so basically that’s what we do with the people we care about we protect them from injury of any kind including from the authorities not the opposite of each other that’s the actual complexity something needs to be explained to him right now this argument if you want to tell us about the perplexity and the Meeno to eat? Obviously I talk too long so miss somebody should tells about the complexity of the meal what’s the question that Nino asked Socrates I didn’t come back to what I was reading but let me just pursue this point little bit further notice how it begins the way I told him to begin you’re your essays with the problem that the book doesn’t introduce us to Meeno the air the termite the Plato didn’t play to assess me know say something to Saturday’s and Saturday’s answer snoring now that’s what I was just reading from another mother first line that starts a dialogue with the Royal that’s part of what it does are or multiple questions were him one alternative is none in the right answer something else but What are they all Think about what you just said this is remember we have here again a problem definition which is what Socrates was did you use it for right and what I said to many of you want to logues is how are you going to learn what Socrates teaches use of pro formalities or anybody else if you don’t actually pay attention to the specific arguments that he makes and just tell me all yes you’ve the Rosen questions so once again we have Socrates thinking somebody about definition right here is a problem definition right now these are for alternative but you need to define what they are for alternatives all for example if I said to four six and eight those are for what by numbers might be a good answer right I think those four numbers 2468 yeah maybe’s Elizabethan number so the answer might not be obvious to us from the list but some connection between them should be evident or else the list has no meaning to how is virtue wire you we might ask don’t differently by saying are where talking we might say how does somebody become a good person like that so the matter of acquisition what’s Socrates responds as You know the answer suddenly everybody’s reading the book is fostering the book between Monday and Wednesday now you’re supposed to be having fun with me Cimarron twos about what virtually except that I don’t think that Socrates does want to try to find out what is Socrates think they need to know if first what it is if you were to ask me to get something for you me if I know that it’s Candy well and I would go to the candy store if I know that it’s an automobile part and I would go to normal but if I have no idea what it is how I don’t know where to get it so Socrates says to me now and it’s so we have another example not necessarily a perplexity but I’ll a claim to ignorance not knowing how could I know okay now before we pursue that I just finished the point that I’ve started out taking I’m reading the Bible 69 which is Stefan’s number 79 is a 7980 actually is 87 number 80 for those of a different edition can show you where look why even met you I used to hear that you are always in a safer place which we can understand now is Socrates claiming to know so Basically the first answer you gaveProbably Nino is referring to and that you bring others to the same thing was used a pro in a state of perplexity when he began to talk to Socrates why not what state why you say that similar Allis nobody could’ve been more confident than youthful right Will be like you know asking Aaron judge or something like that if tell you how to get home runs it’s a lot yeah to make sure that your hip dial and whatever Reno please guys talk about the stuff and a lot about it and he’s done it 50 times in his rookie season probably know something about what you talking about nobody could be more more confident and useful he wasn’t obnoxious about it sometimes sake sake people are kind of nasty pushy and nasty use roses playing chocolate Oreos is I know read all the stuff I got I’ve got it memorized I go to more stories about the gods and all that you got time to hear okay so use of rose starts off no perplexity how does the wind out after talking to sake throughout am I making an empirical chat right mean I was here saying what he’s heard about Socrates is that he’s always in a state of perplexity and the people he talks too darn understandable place to start by after talking to him they are right so that through using what what you suppose problem after talking Socrates for a while named please I’m sorry yes I got is good is putting here okay good goody okay you don’t look like at all your names are a little similar yeah hey safe I’ve minutes more and be able to do it he probably would’ve stayed five minutes mind me I’m just guessing to text doesn’t say self awareness says is so far Sara what what about tonight give you what was their attitude your knowledge when you start talking to anything going on that’s only fair the people in the reputation for non-stuff the politician when when the power of the politicians when people run for office we commonly say of them that they make a lot of promises but in addition to the promises they make a lot of claims understand things do You remember when the president from first was trying to get rid of Obama care and Younger Republicans are making their own note To pass their own planning on it but after the first one pres. Trump said no medical insurance and medical care is complicated who thought it the answer to that question of course is anybody with any experience with it and many people were telling you that okay but that might purposes