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PHIL 103 C, Wednesday, 9-13-17

Plato, "Apology" - Old + New Accuses

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Philosophy 103C Wednesday, September 13, 2017 you laugh okay so what I’m telling you is that need to focus on top when I read your wall me in that case you would be confused you don’t know what to say but you know what it is read that in the syllabus okay now what happened with many of them want that job Susan went on to say one of the older fuses melted what I explained to you is this said Socrates said to talk about your users and one of the smell of this blah blah but I wrote why okay so I’m just telling you this in advance because I’m about to hand out Lost in a number of them are region now the question is while I hand out the lawn bar is going to be recorded but I’m not convenient the only chance drive also I know I’m working on learning your name go to attendance but again help me remember who you are little about Mariah okay sozzi podcast recording has been handing these things out an Audi I do things like I’ll when I recorded the taking attendance typo I Anymore what was holding them up if you’re do You have it now okay so today is Wednesday God will you catch up on Monday okay I desperately need him I just don’t want you how are you home yes things are you cold is very okay we got good blood circulation it’s cold in here call Marie goody Gutierrez are you here Monday you don’t get defensive my record my records are not always right so for some reason there’s no check for you in him jacklyn quan so I want to teach you something with corn before I continue in class on Mondays that nobody ever has said anything bad about Abernathy if you’re naïve no so no one is headed that you did something wrong I want you to know that I said something bad so your perfect record no longer stand sorry to be the one that I sent wasn’t terrible but it was negative right now like not perfect he is a right right so that so then I talk negatively about crazy alright okay just Tom Marla B where are thank you John McDonald Montano Giovanni Morales yeah Hannah Lindsay Noel Samantha Ordonez here gone Mary Nikki Barajas please don’t be only makes it makes a little hard thanks U was Sharma cinnamon Stanley thank you Dean we will set when I use the sake but for me okay I was concerned everything euros is that right Jamaal Vincent yes Rosalie Florian you’re young Brianna couldn’t boy and listen you okay so you have one for me right passing forward please keep the paper moving if you you ha ha now is this work Jo one of the things I try to teach energy isn’t the course should be harder for the Simpson’s if a teacher is the only person in the room doing any work Benny not doing his job so if I wanted falling on paper all those poor Deers they didn’t remember yeah you poor dear Catherine S: my god I knew you would never basket here’s another thing that I’m going to crack up italics I think is what they as a teacher that I fear is just so wonderful Dallas is italicized book titles italicize tired see now that they’re suited to euro Tiffany shelter when I told him not to do it even more okay so if I get a Wall with reversing the policy with the quotation mark or done anything doesn’t italicize it I will not if You don’t add that what not know what you put in quotations is the title of something shorter admittedly these don’t look like books to you the apology in the you’ve for Alexander short oversample if up the title hope home 60 – it” Book titles get italicized one of these interesting about that is that the newspapers don’t follow them and academia when you’re making reference to the bibliography or to another author write if I can tell you something and then you don’t ignore you don’t do it so I tried something simple thing to see what the problem is you’re not busy when I tell you dialogue is about building users why would I to me when I tell you what old me and get into something difficult like Socrates possibly need says only thing I know that I know not me. How are you you don’t want to do that at your business one of the great you don’t do anything okay song