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PHIL 103 C, Wednesday, 11-8-17

Mill, "On Liberty", Chapter 4: Limits of the Authority of Society over the Individual" / Essay 2 (due November 13th)

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Philosophy 103C, November 8, 2017 Lester did you say you had a question go over log nine what’s the topic of it’s about chapter 4 right take a look at what this says right log nine out how milk opposes solve the problems the tyranny of the majority did you get me a lot can you tell me in a few words what your ideal for see that each job old idea of justice when Paul Hart is trying to find justice he said each day criticize that to each dog what what what you do what what you do rather than what you get in on the way to JFK and that do for you own business is the D is the individual and therefore they have was over there today everybody This is side they should do it on another where the line between business award what is the law guardian when will went through the sequence of theories you’re the reason the exercise of authority people and businesses actions arm call hello Home others where here you were just in case you want to use the word just remember that it’s appropriate when it the object of the verb so who are you Press previous anyway so that’s a job I was inside the job is okay this was discovered in Jackson one so window says in chapter 4 that is the solution problem just say what should be is not to make it so as we know all too well we often can be very clear about what’s right what’s wrong course is locked disagreement about that I understand that even when we’re clear about what’s right and what’s wrong does not eliminate wrong myself so for middle to feel that he has discovered the correct line between authority and liberty does not of itself been that that line will be observed by four and in that sense it does not solve the problem right keep in mind that the very beginning of lost 6 didn’t just say what people think it said originally when there was no one there no rules governing us when we are like beasts in a while we did many harmful things to each other now if one among us and somehow advance thinking among the bees and said to himself or herself wouldn’t life be better if we stop doing these things to each other and that would be a Aleve because people will be doing anything for the most part in the course of trying to get dinner and stop you know the same way tend to push each other out of the way when we’re tired on software and we’re just trying to get alright for this advanced sinker right say to herself what do I feel better if people cooperated buying not harming each other by restraining ourselves shout out with that problem everyone know somehow the condition of life inquiry by Mills description I have a they’ve They tend to look a lot better star that a new years later say there so people somehow again to recognize generally that this was a bad situation and when you have that recognition that feeling a sense of things amongst people when somebody comes up with a bright idea they’re ready for a flight ground that has been plowed you just drop your seeds in Delaware you’re not going to get across you prepare the soil and you got a chance not easy but you got a chance so somehow people through bad experience came to the recognition that there might be a better way of living milk cannot imagine exactly how that we have so prehistoric but it makes sense that some such recognition and they ended that I tried to stress when I talk to you about chapter 1 that This invention of government is even more astounding and admirable then the invention of fire or the wheel and I may have mentioned to you that in ancient Greek myth talking about this very thing that was one of the ways they talk about how human beings became civilized Prometheus who got the job of fixing up the job is Brother bosh that’s easiest hi site for Prometheus is for when Prometheus got the job of botching o’clock fixing the flat job and his brother did of distributing the means for survival in existence of various species when we get a living Tuesday to subdue nature to our nature AZ and he gave us the arts this is a somehow we me know how to live with each other at least two to sonic and at peace with cooperation so that Life is made easier instead of being at war with each other And destroying each other all the time we can devote energies to working together producing things increasing our wealth and our enjoyment of life the point that I set out to make was that the story he tells in chapter 1 is not this the story of people getting a smart idea Bill could be another one in a long line of smart people who had ideas or even written books about them they have gotten some some of us to think of that’s a good idea but that’s not what he’s talking about ideas he became reality the people excepted and instituted they invented government they’ve made it half the proof of the something like that has happened is that that’s how we live however it actually came about somehow we’ve all come to adopt this way of life very few people some but very few wish to go back to total anarchy what people do whatever they want but when problems arose from that people as out those problems it’s on the journey to Victoria over the history again the power port don’t think I can do any good that I haven’t already done if I don’t eight but this is a story of human accomplishment of this human form therefore when we ask a question what has Bill done this out asking you what smart ideas that they have wish you people follow them and What I’m asking you to consider is the difference between simply say something and discussing it very subject object to white jacket to as not to freedom of phone freedom of thought discussions without discussion so I them out discussion in chapter 2 has to do with the benefits of talking with others how we can learn from and They for my of course but discussion at another benefit when we switch our focus to action it’s funny that discussion first of all that we can even make I wish no we should talk but It’s also possible that others will agree with us and then something will be done that’s what I said before when I’m talking about dimensions Armand and I said if the ground is prepared to save people have had experience it makes an open doing idea then the person who has that IBM offers might be the last thing that you need to to feed peoples imagination of what could be a better way to live and then it may not may move over from just being a bright idea to be something real to Something that people do if middle is trying to achieve that of course he wouldn’t be so arrogant as to think that he alone can achieve its it might be more appropriate say trying to contribute goals as millwrights according to mill pool yes the majority so is Mill was right to those individuals learn on want to have tea worms there’re right now bought the emphasis right Mail is entering an assassin what Store but that was trying to influence other people buy Friday so of course is important they have ideas that are helpful but it’s also important and essential how sweet you’re which is so, no reluctance to how wait that what they were doing was not what is the good that he thinks they’re losing preventing what is this essay and praise out Liberty and what does he think Liberty produces that’s good yes of what time do any utility is another word for good so that confirms that a good answer because it confirms the line I’m taking at least to some extent that is the same any talking about he said he didn’t defend liberty in terms of utility in other words liberty is good for us there are two chapters on liberty right one of them is the resort and discussion the other is called individuality and their two we have been referencing good as an element of well being as a being good what do these chapters trying to accomplish they tried to show us that liberty produces good something what is the liberty of thought and discussion videos truth and knowledge so so Liberty discussion have to do with the mind afternoon directly with fashion though we know only two well how beneficial it is that correct if you could show the majority convincingly that they’re in position of conformity is a way of ensuring that is already discovered or perpetuated by being right but it is equally away of preventing it from coming into existence and if it is been applied to 300 years before or thousand years before all of the boys they’re trying to perpetuate my conformity would never have come into existence if you have strong enough impression you could’ve avoided all of the religions that came out of the Arabian Peninsula suppress the Moslems they were most recent suppressed the Christian and if somebody at only got that Abraham before you started having kids grew out of it don’t you get your suppression going good enough early enough you can avoid all of these things in human history in other words you can prevent Paul the things that people think of is good now who is exercising oppression imagining what mills trunk show us is that it is by liberty in the sense of proposing new ideas not just following the old ones that all the good ideas that we respect now coming to visit of course there’re many not the ones that we rather be around that’s true to therefore conformity is good for maintaining that we’ve already accomplished any trying to persuade the very people who because they’re the ones who rule in their problem is that they do not sufficiently appreciate the value the the benefits of liberty Liberty hasn’t gotten a good press to speak and doing it by writing this book and in the 1990s here at York College ran with pres. Davis is friends with the president of that university new him from some international organization she was a physicist research working Paris sometimes so so we have free visiting professor and they all became my guess is that because I was the chair of the history of philosophy and the first one was a story Zack Alonso of personal literature the visual doesn’t have to be that it’s supposed to be pages single-spaced most of them in the first PSA draft and revision were a little short.