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PHIL 103 C, Wednesday, 10-11-17

Plato; Essay

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Philosophy 103 C Wednesday October 11 2017 so they this schedule has that’s going on to another dialog of Plato’s next Monday we’re knocking to do that very interesting if it has a long discussion very complicated discussion which I wasn’t planning on doing anyway much on the nature of the soul in whether it’s immortal and it ends with the Sena sake thinking the poison and dying so for any of you were interested in often Socrates you might want to read the beginning and end of the Pheto to get that you might also be interested in stuff on the nature of the soul in any case we’re talking you got got enough to do that means that next Monday will finish they Meeno and today we’ll use this time well it’s all fresh in our minds and While you’re getting ready to do revisions will talk so first please pass forward good mean along you thanks you anybody else have a form for me seen this Thomases year and has slept anybody else he didn’t hear your name got Chong I got the tacos remind me nana Remind me your name wrangle Segundo yup thank you you know I don’t use first names I would never call you Daisy got it so what are you teaching this course or try to is how to read philosophical text and If you look at the syllabus course Objective to see the first few refer to how to follow an an argument in any due to weather philosophy or not and follow say anything referring specifically to philosophy now here’s what I experienced from you instead for most of you many people didn’t write on topic at all fraiman have one essay and reverence from this class or not they didn’t even talk about the dialogs of the topic it’s from the chose to use the following set him the ones that talked about the apology in the Kreitel without paying much attention to the topic naturally seven number think that could be related to the topic yes I did him relatively few people follow my instructions to use the first paragraph to talk about the problem many of them many of you probably thought that you were doing that when you repeated what it says in the syllabus where I say what’s up what the topic is for the essay and I think it probably is a good idea to have that at the beginning for what I said to you in class was that first first paragraph for the ball should be free of any hint of a solution so it shouldn’t no expressed support for Socrates or confidence that to be shown that he is innocent or correct or just or anything like that because this is mostly stating a problem not your opinion your view the solution is the problem however I also said to you that in stating the problem you can do more than just repeat the assignment language you could look at it and ask yourself is there anything unclear about that that you could add two to make it clear order focuses more someway so if the problem has to do with two different statements one make in the apology where he says that down he would not give off doing what he does questioning people even if he was offered to be let free and these are terms that people who coming to conflict with what some authority another often except in And often like you won’t get any punishment for what you’ve done long do it again that’s often a generous deal and it is okay I will I won’t I won’t comment for so part of the problem is that he says even if there was a law against that he would do right now in the other place he says don’t break the law so on the kind of obvious level Arizona consistency of contradiction their brake light on break the law now consider choosing to add to that first paragraph one being clarification one clarification would be to point out that the exception if Socrates in the cry always advocating obedience to law he makes only one exception other people might make other exceptions but He makes only one actually I his wanted just occurred to me in the 17th century when a lot of European particularly English philosophers wrote about this is state and justice and the idea of ruled by consent couple of students actually referred to that referring to a social contract that kind of language comes from although there are earlier anticipation of his well but that that language mostly comes from the 70s and two people at the beginning of the development of a democratic republic’s in western Europe one of the Thomas Hobbes argues that the reason for getting together just begun relevant to what we talk letterlet reason for for people getting together forming a political Community state is that one of the most the most basic reason is preservation of life which he Esau this is the state of the kind of a peace treaty cease the war so the purpose of doing that is to preserve you’re right there couple other related purposes but that’s the first so Hobbs thought that a person was under no obligation to continue to obey the law if with the law was doing was taking his life Fried cookie PC that point if the only purpose of joining a community they have laws that you’re your database reserve your off doing about it they got in James or whatever but but change a situation like that because they’re on under no obligation to cooperate it’s an interesting thought I think in any case that’s definitely not playing Plato Socrates in the Kreitel is saying obey laws Buddy makes one exception and the one exception is if their world law against doing what he does against philosophy because philosophy questioning people including questioning the loss so what that means for the first paragraph is that you this student who’s going to wrestle with the problem is recognizing that the problem is that has the form of always do this that is available except one exception so that that focuses your attention on the idea something as exceptional and so it becomes part of the question focusing in present say why does Socrates make an exception to this aren’t you looking for a reason I’ll notice I’m not giving a reason I’m asking a question this is the first paragraph so that’s the kind of thing you could add to focus and I think that you might just borrow that from me the only thing you can do in the first paragraph essay okay I’ve got this problem try to think about how my going to go about solving the problem now this is where many of the papers were we’re week us that is where you didn’t get what it was I trying to get you to do you have read the book we’re books to dialogs and the use of pro and let me know both he is running Meeno have material that could be used in this essay set