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PHIL 103 C, Monday, 9-25-17

Plato, "Crito"; Essay 1 on "Apology" + "Crito"

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Those are my words and do you have any of your own  what your question is that are you are you telling me you had some difficulty with that long did you just got back from why not I Found it difficult so that’s what learning is about right it happens in physics and calculus; go on going to class and your whole cathedral say something that’s helpful but you so that’s my general reply which might be helpful in a general way but it doesn’t have a specific point is there some specific difficulty that you want to raise and some help from me if I can do it I know you’re telling me I Point your interest and mine because I asked you that question of what can you say the difficulty you’re having for Me after this do you understand the point that it is unjust to break the law because of laws tell us what positive right and you break it then you’re not doing what is maybe reasons for that but at least an initial level to understand what is if you understand that it requires obedience from us who are subject to that so if there’s a law that says you must not drive more than 30 miles an hour in New York City then you drive more than 30 miles an hour you’re breaking the law Community band example your new understand what it means to Dion just break The law so why do you think that Crito was telling Socrates to break the law what are the brick what What yeah you do not break out but he was convicted of ratings right so in those laws come with the punishment he feel bad that is way would you except not only those laws but the punishments the company okay so if Socrates was guilty then he gets the punishment is that now is the case of ancient Athens these punishments were not set in advance they were they were the result of deliberation and deliberation literally means weighing when we show that statue of justice in people and people making jokes about event adjusted to blindfold on the blindfold is supposed to mean is that justice whether it is your friend or somebody you don’t like somebody who against hope you having racing prejudices on I got to do any of that stuff and what it’s doing is weighing and that’s what deliberating means so what did Crito say why did Crito it was okay to break the law my break right by not accepting the punishment of God comes with the jury’s verdict I’m sorry Anna I’m not hearing very well divided murder friend shar so today or whatever right so so you wouldn’t be dissatisfied without trial in which you are convinced that your friend was innocent jury is now cry don’t feel your mental abuse of process to Socrates and use it for a win win  this Socrates telling you that why he needed help knows couple things like that right and then Socrates presents the charges in a surprisingly sympathetic way remember Mr. how are you lately remember how Socrates describes use the pros respond to decide to use it for the charges made by know that’s always a where Socrates is what processes are there because sorry running to the court. Hard but we’re me show for delete that yeah whatever Euthyphro growth reaction to Socrates the hearing is off the chart rocking you Socrates said this is a very warm day education they should be is it worth to city stop  right so we have Crito who convinced as beautiful as for the best for were and we know our series of history sometimes the greatest people who were murdered and all works  forgot how late always present good man who’s been mistreated so there’s right Game this verdict was on the job now if Socrates decides not to escape what does that tell you about the verdict is in timely reason the verdict the verdict was just yes speaks of Harvard Law didn’t along made her so if Socrates says that it is unjust to escape is not because he thinks verdict if you got to do what the heart yeah who did you know what authority is the punishment  I remember anymore that not that you’re not the worst thing follow yeah  do you remember the metaphor of a runner?  If you die when you know when you’ll die it will record that right and that catches up with the matter how long we live eventually Smart whatever sometime today hundred percent for vacation yes we say something place good better with company we think  the company in heaven got an essay no been there okay so today judges who wish him sure what it is like an endlessly that Bad the middle your back gate last forever but for me we get to continue what we were doing elsewhere there is a they have been works can You take ha ha you’re back at you so what well after what birdy so you’re you’re at her what’s wrong with it’s not that good answer pretty easy in right but how could you before I hand.  70 lines is a lot ohIf you know how to think of you so is there and and that are Direction hey that who what’s wrong with an Indian summer Paul what we call man what miscalculated right use miscalculation bouncing on my way paste did not balance in your legs need to be improved you function for the reason is that when you’ve a family to somebody else you may person. The but you can only ask yourself call party last a man insults and women get hurt Women bye third me whatever but What is he so This is the conflict that happened when you do it instantaneously you’re all the time as a burning condition okay so they have acted on and they himself bad people is selling their that can be very important for understanding price is that it is worse to be a person then God dying now problem with a lot of the wall was that you Forgot what is course is about juice argument that is to say argument did not percent of quarreling trades insults whatever you’re wrong you’re wrong for arguments in the sense of doing some thinking next ideas about some issues and problems and reaches the conclusion it doesn’t necessarily reach the right conclusion doesn’t necessarily even if it is a resolution to improve absolutely that is true but early for some reason birthday not the okay so Socrates masonry this is the dial we’re just say along great if you are what time do you simply let’s party thank you but what consider what what topic when we’re find the right what’s what’s the basic problem about time what’s the basically have to know what notice I love you one for I am her so you I’m talking about the story is about God or what we would call  and furthermore add pro sake mine therefore made a mode that which turned out to be not.  Sandra could you let the door close? Thank you.  What was the Socrates trying to do in the Apollo terminated  yes he had a couple of weeks he wants to show them that is okay but immediate purposes are I thought what it what is purpose is  about  the Greek word “apology” is not I’m sorry no it is this is why waves my now but there’s certain not been not in certain ways that are driving who whole time and they were what who you right father on there with what you want the jurors based there what is it that I just tell you about the set to play I was there I don’t know her Basic switches what their status is supposed be completely bright and what’s the nature of that jurors the judges he wants them to do what is  and that’s what they should do something else an application and therefore the trial was about his justice now what a special relationship to Socrates have just you look very beautiful what was his relationship what did you say he wanted want to know what is no special relationship to the top one why is that not everybody wants to know what it faster question what is fin now why did his trial not raise the question what is justice because they think they know and what is it not indicate  so that he takes let people know that while He’s trying to show them not Trying to get out of being debated you should be convicted and he said cool leak to that conclusion but he has a different purpose not to show that he’s innocent of the charges but to defend what he did in the broader sense.  Here’s something I’m trying to use it as an opportunity uses people to be nicely  you hey so we have an online for see what is that what what is not most desire and they form community within our and the  people.  The 17th-century thinker, Thomas Hobbes,  many you’ve probably heard of who and he described that they wore an isolated form Poor poor isolate part of the American ethos is self reliance Justin American was the was the the word word slowly Tanzania and when it was first created out of the are you homeNow my history  so isolated pool or nasty life is full of pain the Last year not friends house that  now so what is it? Rate again this was what’s the benefit of philosophy what’s the benefit for example  when we see Socrates question they start thinking walk  questions they get confused or collected with minute amount this is my name yes well yeah but once you’ve gotten better understanding right why why don’t while use a PC her her missionary say is you blah versionYou move facial what how do leaders Genesis god created humanity you need somethingBut So did you you are the that at add to the idea that working that day that Socrates shore he’s saying just as he was expressing this is an expression to forgive is divine encourage our thoughts to act that way to be forgiving of others and probably punish ourselves excessively K frequent problem instead of forgiving ourselves and allowing ourselves to to grow and improve so just as that’s a way of saying be more divine Socrates is saying to pursue the truth is moreWhy is that what’s divine about yes but what’s divine about things like justice and truth yeah and where is good come from that that’s the idea the idea of the biblical ideas with which you’re familiar is that God reasonable Genesis right first day God did whatever he did out  better driving to pick that is a creator look at is that for is due to missing calls alright so if you true urination this is form of obedience court method and he sees truth that why the necessity  okay now it’s all about your essay at all that’s totally clear I thought about  to begin their essays I know from experience I don’t know how to with the introduction introduction usually pretends to know think you don’t know that you got the book or something like that I don’t want you to tell me who Socrates is a Plato’s smart interesting how you know the problem in the Apology he said if there were a law the told me not to engaging your question people in including questionable laws any very clear that I would follow along God commands of the guard he reserves the right question loss I never had any the brick wall you did you know they did something worse than South Court so the first paragraph should right into that and only into the problem not the solution  I want trying to train you to do how follow that kind argument so the reasoning we something like this if there’s a contradiction between the two dialogues maybe we can remove that get out of it if we can understand the savings Contest another way that people in public are always telling us not… but the words you okay so can really distort communities depend on and laws don’t do any good and made steps the problem bring them back together again in the fourth step get the famous description of all the same nature and other people living without any loss to covernity because I’m not seeing it in the logs in the apology you talk about old users and the charges are not paying much attention to dismiss contributed to the way of the important people in town while foreigner side so please he tells you what he was doing it Is going around pressing people this is access to God as you think you know what justice is what justice is discussing the didn’t a dialogue holder thing  if it is the young man really if you the history of mathematics you will see him over you wanted the ancient Greeks who wrote about thought about your irrational numbers or what is degrees called as we sometimes feel call surd roots you may not know the word for word later right there’re numbers like that like the square root of two I square root of  you multiply myself give you the number talking about the certain to his that number by myself and then 1.414 finish your rational numbers  the last assignment on Plato you will see sorry  young boy knows no geometry deal with the problem  that’s awesome about it now okay Theodorus is an older mathematician and he’s the kind of man doesn’t know not to the human relations funny face like Socrates and brilliant another example hey how important knowledge wisdom virtue piety Socrates half question  question is what we think we know that is that’s who he is a  now the apology is a test I’ll bet it depends primarily name what’s the score’s seeking with Fido Sophia what’s the benefit at the very least you have to show the world that you don’t ohara you humiliated send my favorite teachers we’re kills that okay so what we say for is the punishment convicted Socrates and send them to death  do get back on track and when you’re wrong with that your whole lot clearer really first thing  what yeah yeah blah blah and no so what is feeling that being Hill that their SR so what is the emotional field when something see you I really don’t want hey guys he is a while? Are you ray so that is a whole pack you want to move fast get out there before societies response what what’s the criticism of Crito yes it is to be alert today here hey shadow I have a different park one function is there for the whole to respond to your environment and the future here hope the future what the no for did you desire domination over the desire to always hearing loss you desire but you don’t already wanted