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PHIL 103 C, Monday, 11-6-17

Mill, "On Liberty", Chapter 3, On "Individuality as an Element of Well-Being"

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Philosophy 103C Monday, November 6 2017 so seven and eight lawsuit is about the problem the tyranny of the majority in order to write an essay on Mail that makes sense you have to have an understanding of what that problem is what he means by tearing the majority right problem and what the principle is by which he will try to solve the problem couple things for you her you’re welcome so he’s got mike: negative and positive friends the negative principles of principal protection negative because it’s about when liberty should not be exercised to save the exercise of liberty when people do things they want to do their harmful to others that should be prevented the principal to principal protection if people did not do if people were successfully protected against fathers liberty then the negative of liberty wouldn’t be eliminated Think of you cheat in other words it was nobody ever did anything that was harmful dollars in the Mills view the negative liberty would’ve eliminated there’s also a positive of liberty says involve all of this is presented to principal presented in the first chapter he says hey


11 or whatever was a very attention to that is not one used to his advantage any abstract principle of rights right to defend liberty instead of interviews utility and other words he’s going to defend liberty into way on to say it should be stop positive is utility the benefits of living that’s a chapter 6 and seven doesn’t need to say anything more about protection although he says funny about it in the examples late talk about them in later chapters already made it clear in general terms at least what that means but the key to the solution to the problem is that the majority do not sufficiently testing liberty they don’t think highly what do they seeing more what’s the alternative one alternatives to liberties authority for authority me the imposition of a rule on others what are Authority roses in a position that imposes a restraint on liberty what how do we then characterized the at thoughts and actions of people so restraining what is their relation to the law or two one example I want I remember Mills terminology so you can put this thing together relate to what is it that supposed to liberty well in one sense authority liberty what does characterizing lives no no there are any his language euros your friend get the answers for yourself what is it that middle talks about utility benefits what benefits isn’t opposed to liberty when what are they want from others it’s not yes conformity is the opposite of liberty in our if you don’t do it don’t do what you think what you would want to do you conform to well we’re tempted to say to long number he’s talking about social so what is it that we conform to what’s the other word that he uses that we conform to when it’s a matter of social people explain what they do or first time this term came up with because he  was looking for the right line this want to draw near about protection protection but before he found that it says every society Authority in liberty but they don’t do it according to reason they do it according to some other standard and what is that standard but it’s not personal it’s it’s social and it’s the it’s a majority what is the society have lives court examine societies in anthropology what are we what kind of words that we used to talk about peoples ways of life called not a word it will uses can call Spiegel custom these of their customs the way they live I’m So custom as opposed to please reason which doesn’t mean that customs are net necessarily unreasonable but the appeal to customers not to appeal to reason this is this is how we live here is what we do this is our custom when Mill Fields to reason how does he do what is the reason got to do with the principal protection how did you get the principal protection this is your blog number six the problem’s Webster and what was the log topic that was formed to government was in response to what situation why do they form of government yeah baby life miserable for each other and they wrecked people recognize the need for restraint and with in the in those circumstances with at that level of development can the restraint be internal can they restrain themselves tell what it is so what kind of external restraint could they get you’re like a bunch of wild beasts can’t reason with the wild beast but having they’re very intelligent wild beasts they’re very they’re aware of the need for restraint because life is miserable but they they have to they have to invented have to create it to make it be what is it Government government what is govt mean when you describe that way y’all want yes this is a story of the struggle between liberty and authority right invention of authority but what kind of an authority can Control such wild things we’ve been called a lot of wanted that doesn’t help what is what you do tool with when a while thing want to do destructive things you kill it that’ll solve the problem but if makes life lonely he killed everybody and nobody laugh but did you have to use force yeah and wild wings don’t always have to ask be actually force they can be threatened right they learn but but that’s what you know people recognize they don’t have self control and that we all lack self-control to some degree or another way our self-control is limited sometimes I think we wish to accomplish very very seriously and we recognize that we have trouble with self-control and do we get somebody else to help sort of made us do it that’s because you were talking about earlier people recognize the need for something that they are not actually capable it If they could agree all of them to Mr. did do you not do all those things that are making life so unpleasant for them and they’ve they will need a police force okay so the so how does having to get the principle and how did the actors get the principle we said the reason that people form government is to protect themselves from each other that’s how he bases that on reason thought of the deal not a big claim there are other views of how the government evolved people can disagree but Mill understanding of the reason for God is so that people will not harm each other they have something that they impose on themselves and in order to make that work what they have to do is create a group of people who have enough power to make their will stick so it’s a police function the conception of the state and even in our own times of course the police function is still an important function in The source of a lot of trouble in the state of between say but it’s certainly not the only function Government or society but we still recognize the need for enforcement alright so reason as opposed to custom is found here in his understanding of the reason for the existence of government now I said that the negative sis if you want to defend liberty the first thing you have to recognize that is not always good and when it’s not good it should be stopped okay what people are doing harmful things to each other that you stop hi now the majority is not ruled by reason that doesn’t mean that they’re all irrational they don’t think their rule is custom this is what they’re used to this is what they think is good and it involves controlling people’s liberty controlling people beyond protection beyond trying to prevent him harming each other so they encroach upon liberty more than they would if they followed Mills recently filed reasoning bills right they’re more restrictive he cause they have not only a negative aim that is preventing people from hurting each other they also have a positive neck pain of getting people to live in a certain way thinking the right way so if you’re going to convince them that what they’re doing is wrong and anyway and what they’re doing is restricting liberty more than it should be according to reason according the mail and what you can have to do not give them more than the negative which is the reason that lives that liberty should be restricted when it’s harmful to others but you can have to give them reason to think that liberty when it’s not harmful to others is a good thing into positive we my call positive motivation that’s would chapter 7 and eight at two and three are out and lost seven are about is what so glad about liberty that we should not encroach on peoples liberty unless there are okay that’s with those two chapters around so you have to ask yourself and we discussed Chapter to talk little bit about now you have to ask yourself what are the benefits of fall forget discussion for a moment just thought what’s the purpose of thought sudha what if it’s too provoked action exit provoke is probably not a good idea for a good way of putting it sound like you’re talking about somebody else so he doesn’t say chapter 2 is not on the liberty of thought and action from the liberty of thought and discussion talk about a minute what is it mean for thought to be good what’s a good thought I don’t know why would you think that’s good thinking how will that help your math class I would help you in your math class mathematics no thinking about things being unfair I’m not asking you to do anything to stop members yes I did because math is a form of thinking so if you’re telling me that good thinking is thinking about the fair and the unfair what I’m telling you is you’re leaving out most of the is about fairness and unfairness my feet very important ideas but those are the only ones they won’t that won’t help in physics one out in Matlab in biology so you’re not talking about thinking you’re talking about a particular kind of thing particular subject and if he your answer for that subject you have thoughts about what’s fair and unfair everybody has sought to something Socrates points out use Verizon.