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PHIL 103 C, Monday, 10-30-17

Mill, "On Liberty", Chapter 2, On Liberty of thoughts +discussion

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Philosophy 103E Monday, October 30 2017, okay all equipment running now too many things in front so before we begin our discussion of mail I am receives 61 essays for my three classes the drafts I got 80 so I don’t out of the 19 people have drop of course I don’t think so but I just want to remind you this on the syllabus none of the requirements for this course are optional you can’t pass the course unless you do all of them so if you can’t skip it can lower your grade it takes it all the way to F you have to do everything even these logs okay some people say I got a good not great on the draft and I can do the revision I mean that would be an not difficult understand thought I just want you to know that those are not the rules of the game in this class for some does able to save I’ll take the lower grade I’m too busy with other things not your option if you want to pass course of those 61 essays I have now read 37 I anticipate the Day yesterday read about 18 of them anticipate doing about half of the remaining ones tomorrow and the other half Thursday because Mondays Wednesdays and you’re too much so that’s what I figure I’ll be done now the morning class asked me about the Mill essay and I think that we want to push it back a little bit but I need to take a look at the schedule to see what that means we’re finished with mill November 8 which is a week from Wednesday we Week from this Wednesday finished with milk it says read Mail on liberty number four for November 6 I don’t think that’ll be necessary we can make do with this free but that means we got what was got today to talk about chapter 2 Wednesday morning okay let’s leave it the way it is roughly the way it is okay for the readings now for that if the essay is not due on the second if I postpone it another five days is that the eighth I mean the eighth is a Wednesday Monday the 13th would be okay with me however I will only agreed to five more days if you agree to read that first chapter of duly at the same time there’s no there’s no long-overdue on the 13th this Cristal is I take this very seriously I want you to have read chapter 1 not necessarily carefully but read it so that I’m not talking to people who have never heard of the stuff for when we meet on Monday so with that agreement there anybody who’s not willing to agree that because you just tell me you don’t agree to that end up in your essay will still be due on the eighth anybody okay with that agreement we can postpone it to the eighth to the 13th I’m sorry without it affecting our schedule in any serious way we then have 1234 567 eight different meetings with Dewey I wonder when do we start with mill 1234 5678 910 hours give okay that’ll work anybody came in effort to get tenants besides Richard Dawkins got a couple of mocha that caught up section E dog curtains okay and Mr. Alvarez regarding you know who else is Gonzales sure if you don’t mind thank you but what do you want me to check that your name is there oh yeah you got it right yes you been so let’s remind ourselves of what it is that Mill is trying to do how is it that the majority paradises that is to say whatever else charity might mean it means that they excessively restrain the liberty of others leeston’s judgment there’s pervasive processes that were pervasive means they’re all over the place yes because there majority they’re all of his life but just think they’re object that is there’re people all over the place but just because people are over the place doesn’t mean that they are okay for southern outlaws they’re not laws because because although the majority might do some of its work through government that’s not it’s in its nature its nature does it eat it the majority becomes powerful when government becomes self government that we saw but they influence people in many many ways other and more important then by passing laws and having the police enforced so if you could call what they have rules or something like that but I don’t think that’s helpful call him rules miss not wrong exactly what is the the the means by which they influence other people that’s not doesn’t identify things of influence if the majority it doesn’t exercise its will screw Government then threw what public opinion it was the answer the question I asked before as that’s what it dies right expenses public opinion and what what what how what how does it have contact with people what well most most human relations in the end come down to physical contact in one way or another even even when you’re sending messages across the world and the message has to travel physically somehow but that’s true but what Government is about human relationships who what whenever you know you’re not here now talking about the tyranny I just want you I just want you to you snuck in the answer without realizing was the answer how are they related to other people and you use the word society you’re telling what that means it’s not just government as part of society that is what society refers to originally comes from the Latin word which means tribes Sosa ISO CII but when we talk about people being associated that’s a very broad term right you could be associated in many different ways you could be associated professionally no Association of grocers bakers dentist whatever you can be associated with social what are the ways we talk about society when we talk about what are the ways in which people are associated with it for main purposes in life that identify forms of association and then we’ll get well sicardo I don’t recognize that Association stuff on my experience can you talk want something have experience did you did you have any you engage in any associative activities so far today Mr. Granada what what Friends okay Byron I don’t know I want to want to talk to your friends now I might find anything but what I want to get this point so we have associations with friends okay it Is that was part of what happened today you saw some of your friends where where do you see your friend so they’re in school the there’ll that does not only friends that you have another association with him what are you serious students okay so one of the ways in which we associate with each other is for purposes of learning right my gosh we’re doing it right now so we got a male recognize that as an example okay so what we should go through your day what 1st thing you did this morning can you did that by yourself probably