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PHIL 103 C, Monday, 10-2-17

Plato, "The Meno" (I + II)

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This is Philosophy 103 okay Monday, October 2, 2017 so there’re a couple of things in our discussion of amino acids that I want to announce in advance so that we’ll have a habit of me in the back of our minds that we talk about so we want to get some kind of overview of what’s going on in Camino which will involve discovery that has for a racing that has three parts and which will live try to get some understanding of what the three parts are and how they relate to each other and how they actually lead one to the but I want you to think about discovery Park in terms of your experiences readers and bankers don’t worry I’m fine just that I ate half appear butter and jelly sandwich quickly what was I talking about last Wednesday that has to do with this business of writing holding departments I know the long time ago heading handed in your then Friday an thing about this course anybody remember but What did I draw your attention to it and it texts that have to do with going from one part so so’s Meno talks about Socrates and how is that San Jim you remember or can you or do you I Understand now how that is a transition to something different in the dialogue for What so what were they talking about before so what kind of work what is Xavier virtue and what was the question that mean OSI could use to start the dialogue yes and that was part of costs little larger question teaching is one of several what alternative ways of what suppose I were to say buy credit card By cash or by check what are those three on three different kinds of payment so you have a common term that applies to all three of them right which itself illustrates one of the points and services making about definitions right you don’t define payment by say credit card cash check on the contrary you need to understand the payment is in work with that with me okay so here we got teaching blah blah blah blah blah and then I’ll fourth alternative is just opened so what are they free alternative yes so they’re servicing on your second payment is a general term with three time Meno introduces is one way of acquiring virtue one possible way and he’s he’s interested in that one way but he he if he actually offers meet me a lot result rewrite price of fourth alternative which is maybe something else Socrates won’t answer that question why is like crack today you haven’t answered appreciate otherwise I’m going to breakfast your name moveOn sure you remember that Socrates said I can’t answer that question so let me lose my friend Steven Fairley the chemist somebody love is the Australian exit Black do you remember what happened in the youth of wrong that Socrates wanted using to do something for him Emily wanted to do what you want to tell him what price is right why does sorry to use from tell him what bye simple White Volvo widely used rufio said he doesn’t know it you will be useful to the point is there is a dialogue where hear the questions of your raises is not about whatever what question is as Sandra Mr. Wei is house choir so how do we get the question what is it what is it question EOS house Socrates no when recording with his ass what’s the connection between a suitable housing required sake sake I have put that suppose suppose I ask you if how you pay for something example of the smoke what method of payment to you what will you have to know in order to answer that question no Simon reefer send my? You understand my question number area what what’s the cake on that how did you want well write pages and points for more like a princess monarch of some kind right so you are trying to explain what sorry Socrates says you can’t answer me a question because can how is it acquired because you don’t always wait you get got can you see the connection between the west and could you say it you’re suffering too much I’m glad because you didn’t volunteer visit: contract ending is Francine so can you save a connection the value lost a general network card to the general question games one (A: would you do something to say right not to sound the way we all say so so this dialogue is similar in that it begins with a question how far is and that gets shifted two an attempt to front porch is now gathered with similar to the you’ve the pro is that Jesus says he wants to know what diet is is because I was already sucked today they don’t right and I think they know and in both these cases thought is not talking to somebody ha ha we can have a good member the whole story of ecology is the ethical question they aren’t mad at him having difficulty in an they say so explicit but they never acted like this before and that attends a youth processor and Desi is to lazar do you do that at least to say never without alright so the first part is me know able to answer that question give that fact Holly Drive three okay this is that I’m saying is she normally is to read something else riza after the third time is what I was reading to you in which left last Wednesday in wish Miguel describes Socrates hi how do you drive what is compared yeah what is to be efficient what’s what was may not in me and connected with Cindy we’re doing right now which is a way of referring to the fact that he thought question even though you were able to talk freely on the same subject for non-can’t anymore okay so Second item of The again Second item of the agenda is the idea which I introduced in the first session of Plato’s writing in dialog form Road in essay form text what were the narrative voice explaining I think you and I want to this is not merely a matter of style me there are a few decide how to prevent this material sometime what Broncos issues This is more because what it does is prevent to knock his ideas but people the ideas are stated by a person with me and I only does he have a name there are there are dial in velocity or or a good novel you’re entitled see