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Due to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, The York College Counseling Center is operating remotely. All psychological counseling sessions, workshops, probation workshops, and various other services will be conducted via telephone, Zoom, or Blackboard.

Cardinal Pulse

The Cardinal Pulse program is one of the components of the First Year Experience Program. It is designed to assist students and the university with early prevention and warning of students who are at risk of failing classes or dropping out of the College.

Cardinal Pulse provides cohesive communication between faculty, support staff, and students.  With the proper use of this intervention, students who exhibit risk factors will be provided with an appropriate preventative plan of action. Ultimately, this application will assist in student retention with the university.

How it works

  1. Professor identifies a student in her/his classroom as a possible risk.
  2. Professor logs a Cardinal Pulse record referring the student for an intervention.
  3. Student receives a notice via email and either accepts or declines the notice.
  4. Approved records are automatically routed to advisement for review.
  5. Student meets with advisor/counselor and an appropriate action plan is created.
  6. Student then follows the proposed action plan given by the advisor/counselor.
  7. Situation resolved and student retention is maintained.
  8. Communication among students and faculty/staff can be retained and accessed by authorized users.

How to access Cardinal Pulse System

  • Open your Internet Explorer Icon or shortcut.
  • Enter ithelp.york.cuny.edu into the URL
  • This will log you in the main console.