Get Involved

Educators are keenly aware that consistent community and parental involvement is vital to the success of YECA. Whether the assistance is financial or hands-on support, the generosity of volunteers, parents, businesses and civic organizations helps the school meet the educational needs of YECA students.

Make a Difference. Become a Volunteer!

Volunteers provide the human resources needed to complete hundreds of tasks in schools and give one-on-one support to students, resulting in fewer students working below grade level.

The talents of volunteers are utilized in many ways throughout the school system, providing positions of help for school personnel and role models for students.

If you are seeking a rewarding way to share your time and expertise, please contact the Early College Liaison, Reginald Madden.



Make a difference by providing individual tutoring at YECA. If you have expertise in math, English or science then you might consider becoming an in class tutor. Tutors are English speakers, 18 years and older; no degree necessary. If you have a couple of hours per week and are patient and enjoy helping youth take positive steps with their reading, writing, and math this is an ideal job for you. Tutor training is designed to give you the tools to work individually or in small groups. Join our community of learners.

Professional Staff

If you are a professor at York College and would be interested in becoming more involved with the planning committee of the York Early College Academy or if you would like to sponsor a special event or activity for the YECA students, please call Reginald Madden.