Foundation Scholarship Application Form

Scholarship Application Form is used for students who wish to be considered for York College Foundation Scholarships.

York College Foundation Scholarships are based upon the need for York’s entering and currently enrolled students. Students are given the opportunity to apply to all that is available to which they are eligible for.  York College Foundation Scholarships are funded and given by York College Representatives that donate and give back to the college for its students to be given the opportunity to excel in their academics and further their education.

The Scholarship Office, currently located in room AC-4DA1, provides guidance and oversight to the scholarship process. 

General Eligibility

To be eligible for scholarships/awards:

  • Some scholarship eligibility criteria may vary. 
  • For Entering students: (Must submit original or copy of transcripts from previous schools graduated)   
    • Freshman (First-year) applicants should have a high school minimum average of 80 or above.
    • Transfer applicants should have a minimum GPA of 3.0 or higher.
    • Recommendations: Two (2) Recommendations forms are required from (2) different faculty members from previous schools graduated. Recommender must also attach a written letter that answers the following questions provided and return in a sealed envelope to the Scholarship Office in AC-4DA1. (see recommendation form for more details)   
  • Community/Volunteer and/or school service are considered and sometimes required when applications are reviewed.
  • In order to remain eligible, the student must maintain continuous full-time enrollment (12 credits or more) and grade point average that is specified.

General Information

Financial Need Base:

  • Many scholarships are based primarily on financial need; however, this is not always required. Students must file a Free Application for Financial Student Aid (FAFSA) if he or she wishes to be considered for financial aid and scholarship based upon need. You can apply online at  Receipt of a scholarship may be affected by state and federal aid for which a student may be eligible.
  • For a student that receives Financial Student Aid Assistance: We strongly recommend that all students find out the limit of how much funds they could receive to avoid being over packaged. Over-packaging exists when a student's financial aid exceeds his or her need. When an over-packaged situation arises, financial aid will reduce the scholarship and adjust student's package in order to eliminate the over-award. If you have further financial aid questions in regards to your package, visit York's Financial Aid Office at All scholarships and awards are subject to financial availability.

Scholarship and Scholarship Awards:

  • Scholarship funds go toward student's tuition, fees, books and other school expenses. All outstanding balances due to York College must be paid first. Recipient(s) receive a remainder of the funds. If students are accepted for a York College Foundation Scholarship for that academic year, they cannot apply until after that academic year is ended. 
  • For YC Foundation Scholarship: Open to all York College students who may be eligible.
  • For YC Foundation Scholarship Awards: Students are nominated by the academic departments and scholarship office. 
  • Many scholarships are open only to US Citizens and Legal Residents. (Must submit proof of Immigration status)


How to apply

Criteria may vary depending on the scholarship. Read and review all instructions on general eligibility criteria before submitting applications and recommendations. 

  1. Select ONLY "YC Foundation Scholarships" from the list provided. (If scholarship is not provided on list contact the scholarship office for assistance)
  2. Complete and submit your online application below. (Incomplete applications with missing documentation will not be accepted)
  3. General requirement: Print two (2)  RECOMMENDATION FORMS to be completed by both the student and faculty members and returned to the scholarship office in a sealed envelope (signed & dated). (Note: Some recommendations require specific instructions. See details for selected scholarship)
  4. Please be sure to submit all other documentation before the deadline.

For additional help with writing your essay or help with your resume before applying go to our Student Resource page or visit the Scholarship Office for assistance.

Note: The York College (YC) Online Scholarship Application is only for York College Scholarships. If you are interested in applying for any other scholarships outside of York College you must follow their directions and use their application and guidelines. We only screen YC Foundation Scholarships. 

Online Application

Student Academic Status  

Personal Information

Preferred Method of Contact  

GPA Requirements
Statement of Community/Activity Service
Community/volunteer and/or school service are considered and sometimes required for certain scholarships when applications are reviewed. Please answer the following questions:
If you selected "Yes" to any of the above questions, please state and describe your school, community or volunteer activities/services involvement as follow:
Branch of Service

Financial/ Employment Status:

This information is considered when applying for financial need-base and/or Internship Scholarships, however not always required. If you wish to be considered for a scholarship based upon need you must file a Free Application for Financial Aid (FAFSA) and return your "student aid report" to the Scholarship office, Room AC-4DA1. Please answer the following questions below:

Name of Scholarships you are applying for?  

This portion of the application required that you write one (1) essay; 1st box: General Essay is required when there is no specific requirement, and 2nd Box: Specific Essay, is for scholarships that require specific essay instructions. If you have any question, please contact scholarship office.These statement will be used to consider students for all scholarships. Incomplete essay's less than 250 words will not be accepted.
characters remaining
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Two letters of recommendation are required. Please download the RECOMMENDATION FORMS and return them to:

Attn: Julissa Contreras-Martinez  Administrative Specialist for Scholarship Enterprises
Scholarship Enterprises Email -
York College - The City University of New York
94-20 Guy R. Brewer Blvd. AC 4DA1
Jamaica, NY 11451