Peter Ranis Political Science Internship/Scholarship


1000.00 (500 for the Fall, 500.00 for the Spring)


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  • Political Science (BA)
Deadline 2018-10-15

Eligibility Criteria

- Full-time upper junior (75-89.9) majoring in Political Science

- For students demonstrating an intent after graduation to  pursue a doctorate or masters in Political Science or other related fields (public policy, public administration, public health, international relations or diplomacy) or law degree

- Must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher

- Once approved by the Scholarship Office, student must be interviewed and approved by the department for the On Campus Research Internship Program by or before deadline given.

- Specific Essay is required: What is your intent after graduation? What are your career goals, and how you plan to use the education you have received at York College? Within the content, include why you chose this major? (250-500 words)

- One of the recommendation letters must be from the Political Science department 

- Student is expected to complete a Research Project Report at the conclusion of the internship