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The latest news on the Merit Scholars


The Scholarship Center Congratulates all the York College Merit Scholars of June 2013, who graduated with Honors. We would like to wish them the best on all their achievements as they continue their journey and striving for greatness.

2013 York College Merit Scholar Grads with Grade Point Averages above 3.5 and completed in 4 years:

• Rinku P. Prithiani 2009 to 2013

• Omesh Annand 2009 to 2013

• Pascale LaFortune 2009 to 2013

• Daisy Tan 2009 to 2013

• Alan Wong 2009 to 2013


To the 2009 York College Merit Scholar"Rinku P. Prithiani" in Achieving a Bachelors of Science Degree in Chemistry and Graduation with honors.

Shortly after graduation, she received another Scholarship with Thurgood Marshall College Fund to continue her education here at York College on a second Degree in the PA Program.

We wish her the best of success.