Student's First Flight Reflections

York Students reflect on their first piloting experiences.

Veronica Carpio


"Since I am an Aviation Management Major, it was great to experience why the Aviation Industry came into existence. I feel this was a great experience because I personally performed what happens in my area of study. I am very excited to continue being a part of the newly established Flight Familiarization Program.
I think that when anyone flies an airplane the following words should come to mind and everything will be fine:

Jenny Chimbo


I did not anticipate performing the confidence maneuver. All I saw that moment was the plane rapidly descending. The water at Jones Beach appeared to get closer and closer. All at once, all I could think about at that moment were scenes from multiple airplane movies. The difference between these situations is that you were living the experience live. I have to say that I was not scared at all. Having the opportunity to feel the rush as the plane descended was incredible.

Faiza Parveen

Faiza Parveen

"The most exciting part of the flight was taking off because it was my introduction to the sky. If someone would ask me what is flying about? I would have to agree with Charles Lindbergh who answered this question by saying 'science, freedom, beauty, adventure.' My first flight experience proved to me that I have the abilities to fly an airplane, and most importantly it gave me a bit more confidence when it comes to moving on in the aviation."

Geeta Singh


"My first experience flying a plane was phenomenal, yet nerve racking. The week prior to my first flight I had no clue I would be flying a plane and then on Sunday, March 25, 2007 I flew a plane for the very first time. For many years I’ve always had an interest in the Aviation field."