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Meet our Counselors

If you are interested in trying Counseling visit our Virtual Front Desk! The Virtual Front Desk is openMonday - Friday, 10am-12pm & 2pm - 4pm

Telementalhealth Counselors

Esther Lenderman, LMSW

Esther Lenderman, LMSW

Esther is a mental health counselor, who provides support to students who experience diverse challenges including anxiety, life transitions, self-confidence, and relationship issues.

Sybil Nurse-Reeves

Sybil Nurse-Reeves, LCSW

Sybil is a clinical social worker, who provides a warm and non-judgmental environment where her clients can safely explore the issues that matter most.

She works with you if you are experiencing sadness; sudden changes in your personal relationships; excessive anxiety or fear; an unexplained and sudden shift in mood or behavior; or feeling physical complaints without evident medical reasons. She helps those seeking to examine their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors to better optimize their lives. 


Leo A. Gonzalez, Jr., LMHC

Leo is a mental health counselor that specializes in working with adolescents and adults struggling with emotional, behavioral, and relational difficulties. He works with you to challenge self-defeating thoughts and learn new coping skills to accomplish and achieve your goals.